Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks


Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks are cheesy, spicy, chewy and so delicious! In true I’ll try anything to get labor started fashion, I made these hot, chewy and, most importantly, spicy Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks for lunch yesterday. OMG. Although the spice factor of the cayenne-laced buffalo wing sauce in the sammie did nothing to nudge…

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Chicken Caesar Burgers


Chicken Caesar Burgers have all the flavor of the classic salad in burger form! Hi everyone, hope you had a fabulous weekend! Ben surprised me by taking Friday off, so I set my to-do list aside and we played hooky for the day! Between shopping, stuffing ourselves with Mexican food…

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Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken Sammies with Crunchy Apple Slaw


Chicken breasts are slow cooked in homemade bourbon-BBQ sauce then shredded and topped with smoky gouda cheese and Crunchy Apple Slaw in this unique and mouthwatering crock pot recipe.  I’m feeling quite refreshed in the culinary department after our trip to KCMO (which I’m now realizing is how all the…

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“Roasted” Garlic Chicken Skillet


Chicken breasts are seared in oil infused with garlic by pan roasting them. Top over mashed potatoes with a quick pan sauce for a mouthwatering weeknight dinner! By far, my favorite dishes to cook are the ones that I know will cause Ben to fake drool, slurp, then gulp when…

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Summer Chicken Wraps


A few days ago some friends and I were talking about how much easier it is to eat in the warmer spring and summer months. Take some fresh produce, add a little grilled meat, and wabam – insta meal. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore soups, stews, and chilis in the…

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