Friday Night Fun


Hey guys!

Congrats again to Shirley, the winner of the One Month Blogiversary Giveaway! You don’t know how much I wanted to give everyone a little piece of the pie – I really did! More giveaways in the future though, I promise :)

Today was Busy with a capital B! I didn’t even get to eat my whole lunch! After work I ran a bunch of errands to:

The second errand involved taking some pictures of my parent’s incredible crab apple tree. These are ALL over my area and blooming right now. The scents and sights of these trees are so uplifting!



The last two errands bring me to tonight’s agenda – pizza and a movie! I refuse to order from chain pizza restaurants since the Domino’s Pizza scandal(I do realize the wretched things they did are most likely occurring at  many restaurants across the country but for now, pizza chains are OUT!) and Papa Murphy’s had a new pizza flava combo out that I was dying to try. So, fresh-handmade-in-front-of-my-face-so-I-know-those-kids-aren’t-doing-anything-crazy-to-my-pizza it was! 




The Taco Grande pizza I picked up had refried beans and salsa, 100% real mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses, taco seasoned ground beef, black olives and roma tomatoes – OH YUMMY! In case you don’t know what Papa Murphy’s is – it’s a “take and bake” style of pizza restaurant. They assemble your pizza fresh in front of you, then you take it home and bake it yourself – hence, take and bake!  PM’singredients and toppings are always incredibly fresh and their cheese – OH THEIR CHEESE!! If I’m going to splurge on pizza, it’s going to be this pizza with this cheese. It’s soooo fresh – and the addition of refried beans to a pizza is simply genius.





When I got home, I saw that some kids in our neighborhood had left us a May Day cup on our front porch. I threw away the popcorn and gummy bears – because come on, kids with icky hands put these together – but enjoyed a grape jolly rancher that was included…and almost chipped my molar, ow! It was worth it though – grape flavored anything is da bomb! Oh, also – one of my co-workers asked us all what our favorite candy was on Thursday and came to work today with them for us! Isn’t that nice?! I had a peanut butter cup before lunch :)


So I’m full of shout outs these past couple of days – and here’s another: Some of you may know that my brother writes a blog here and here – and he’s also a Pastor at a local church here in town. Well one of his recent blog entries made it to the Chicago Sun Times website – so cool! My brother is an extremely talented public speaker and writer, so we’re all very proud of him :)

Oh yeah – it’s pizza and a movie night, and I didn’t tell you what the movie was! I got…Yes Man with Jim Carrey. I know…I’m a little down on myself about it – it seems like a pretty lame movie and I was kind of in the mood for a dark comedy or dramatic movie tonight, but my hand reached out subconsciously and grabbed it. Maybe I’m in need of some laughs and just don’t know it!?

What good movies have you seen lately? What’s your favorite movie EVER?

I honestly haven’t seen a movie in the theaters for a looooong time, but my two favorite movies ever are Elf and Forgetting Sarah Marshall…I know, I know…but it’s true :D

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