Nature's Prozac


Hi everyone! Hope your Friday was fabulous – it’s officially the weekend!

I spent my afternoon changing ice packs, supervising salt water swishing and doing about 10 loads of laundry. Gosh, who knew working from home could be so productive?!

I was a little worried that I would be super snacky today which always happens when I’m home and around the kitchen a lot – like the weekends! But I successfully stuck with my three main meals: breakfast and lunch as you saw on the blog – and a Vegetable Stir Fry for dinner!


Now, a couple weeks ago I made a turkey stir fry and commenter Ellen told me I should try using California Rice Oil for my next stir fry – which has a smoking point of 490 degrees! Well, my electric wok gets hotter than the surface of the sun and I do have to watch the smoking point of the oil that I’m using to make sure that it doesn’t scorch, so I thought, why not?


First, I prepped my flavorings and vegetables by mincing some garlic, snapping the ends off some fresh green beans, chopping 3 small zucchinis and slicing a carton of mushrooms. Which, don’t worry, are not for me! Those are heading in Ben’s general direction… I also had some frozen corn and chopped red onions in the freezer so I busted them out as well.



When everything was ready, I set the temp on my wok to 375 degrees…which it literally reached 7 seconds later…ok time to stir fry!


First, I steamed the green beans in a little bit of chicken broth, in the wok. When those were done, I removed them and put them on a plate.




Next, I added some of the rice oil to the pan, let it heat up for a few seconds, then added the mushrooms and zucchini. I stir fried these for oh, I don’t know – 4 minutes? – adding a splash of chicken broth about half way through.


Finally, I added the corn, red onion, garlic and green beans in, stir fried for about another minute, then gave the whole pan a splash of Drunkin’ Priest Dippin’ Sauce (you could also use the sauce outlined here).



I let the whole thing bubble away for a minute on low, put it over some brown rice – and Voila! Vegetable Stir Fry!


My review of rice oil? No scorch, very mild flavor – would definitely use again! The brand I used – California Rice Oil – is also all natural and rich in antioxidants!



I love brown rice! So chewy!!


As I’ve said before – stir fry’s are so great in that they can really be whatever you want them to be. Got chicken, shrimp or tofu? Add it in. Asparagus, carrots or bell peppers? Sure – throw those in too! Plus, if you use a non-stick electric wok like mine, you only need teeny, tiny bit of oil – winner all around!! My belly is full and happy!! Now, I’m concocting a dessert that if it goes well, I’ll be sharing with you next week!! All I’ll say is that it involves my garden…muwahahahaha…

So you guys, remember this little puny bush?


Look what it’s become – Daisies!! YAY!!!!


Daisies have a way of brightening my spirits no matter what. They are nature’s prozac, I’m sure of it!


Well I’m off to resume my nursing duties…What are you doing tonight??

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