Grazed & Nibbled


As expected, I grazed and nibbled my way through the day today!


The highlight – among miniature weiners, two kinds of crockpot dips, cream cheese & hot pepper jelly dip, doughnuts and brownies 8O – included these chips & homemade salsa that a coworker sent me home with. The perfect mix of spicy, smokey, homemade salsa-y goodness. :) Got that?


Ben and I are taking the leftovers, and some DVDs, over to his parent’s house to hang out for the evening. Oh yeah!!


Hope your Friday went well, and the start to your weekend goes even better! :D


What’s your favorite chip?

Mine is BBQ anything or Poore Brothers Parmesan & Garlic chips. OMG!

So Much MORE To Say


I’m just bursting with news this week! Lots to tell you, so let’s start from the top. :) 1. The 3-Day Workout Challenge has started off with a bang! I marched straight to the gym after work and completed this 60 Minute Mix-it-Up Cardio Routine. 10 minutes elliptical @ level…

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