We Made the List!


Good mornin’ everyone!

Today has been very productive so far. Unlike yesterday, I got up early and hit the gym!

  • 32 minutes treadmill walk @ 3% incline for 2 miles
  • 28 minutes elliptical @ levels 5 & 6 for 2.7 miles
  • Total: 4.7 miles

I was the only one in the gym (I go to my work’s gym) and it was so great. Sometimes I like to workout around a bunch of people because it can be really motivating – but other times, it’s nice have the whole place to yourself :)

While walking, I read this month’s SELF Magazine, with Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton on the cover. Love her!


Inside, there was a list of the 100 Healthiest Places for Women. Guess who’s rocking spot #44? Des Moines, IA, aka where I live, aka boo-yah!


I was only mildly hungry when I got home, so I made a piece of toast with some homemade Pumpkin Butter slathered on top.


Creamy, sweet & cinnamony – I love this stuff!!


One piece is all I need because Ben and I are headed over to my parent’s house in about an hour for family Sunday lunch. Love it. :)


Afterwards, I’ll be doing some dinner prep for the week and having dinner with Ben’s parents. It’s family day for IGE!

Have a great afternoon everyone!


Do you prefer to use your "rest days" on the weekend? Or is the weekend when you workout the hardest?

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