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Hey, hey, happy Friday!

My schedule has been all out whack this week, what with the holiday on Tuesday, then having Ben home from work, then not – I feel like I’ve lived 3 Fridays already!

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, including making homemade sushi for dinner tonight with Ben, then STEAM MOPPING my entire house this weekend with the new STEAM MOP I’m buying today. I could not be more excited, if you can’t tell (what has my life come to…) All I can say is keeping the tile in my entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms is, well, it’s a challenge my friends. One I’m going to tackle head on with the power of steam on my side, muwahaha!

At any rate, let me in on your fun plans for the weekend, and in the meantime, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond, in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite mini: Birthday Cake Brownie Pops. How adorable and intricate are these cake pops? Totally appeals to my miniature-obsessed self.

Favorite reads: The Violets of March by Sarah Jio. I have now read all of Sarah’s books and The Violets of March might be my favorite. I read it in one day over Christmas break (which seems to be a pattern with her stories – I cannot put them down!) and was enchanted by the tale of a mysterious novel that the main character finds in a drawer at her great Aunt’s house, whose story somehow weaves itself into her present-day life. LOVED it!

Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnI also read this book over the holidays, and it is warped in the best possible way. It’s a tale of a toxic, he said/she said relationship that has the craziest ending. This was a day and half read – again, totally sucked me in!

Favorite bite: Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups. Mini, browned butter, chocolate chips, plus a gooey center? ‘Nuf said. Oh, one more thing, YUM!

Favorite fitness: Brazilian Butt Workout. I find walking incline workouts to be much tougher than running workouts. They BURN to the point where running feels like relief! That said, I can’t wait to try this one out. :)

Favorite sip: Spiced Ginger Pear Cocktail. Festive for the season, but also really fresh too. This actually sounds like it’d make a really good tea blend!

Favorite tip: Pashmina Wrap. I have tons of pashminas which I love taking with me to weddings and events to drape around my shoulders if I get chilly, but they’re hard to wear as scarves because they’re so long, and I’m so short! I think this simple way to tie a pashmina as a scarf, with a unique little wrap on top, is sooo cute though. There’s also a video which show’s you how to do it!

Favorite dish: Roasted Corn Pasta Salad. To be honest the gemelli is what first caught my attention (my favorite pasta shape!) but the flavors of chipotle and sweet corn in this recipe had me hooked.

Favorite space saver: Bed Sconces. None of the bedrooms in my house are particularly huge so I’m always looking for ways to save space. This sconce solution would totally work for me!

Favorite yum: Honey Mustard Glazed Chicks in a Blanket. Because, what isn’t made better by wrapping in bacon, and glazing with honey mustard sauce??? Love the super-short ingredient list in this recipe, too.

Favorite funny: Trust Fall. Ok, this video is really stupid, but it makes me laugh really hard. I TRUST YOU!

Favorite sweet: Fresh Strawberry Cake. While it’s definitely not strawberry season – far from it – I’ve been seeing strawberry recipes everywhere lately. Perhaps its our collective wishful thinking for warmer weather? Whatever the case may be, this Fresh Strawberry Cake is the best looking recipe I’ve seen yet.

Favorite placeIf I can’t be twirling in strawberry fields, I’ll take a cup of hot chocolate and a good book in front of this roaring fire in my cozy, log cabin thankyouverymuch. 

Favorite fresh: Deviled Egg Chef SaladI am a total sucker for Chef Salads (sans bleu cheese) and Deviled Eggs. What a great, fresh combo of the two!

Favorite furball. Been there, done that…

Favorite brunch: Coffee Crunch Cake. Oh crumble topping, take me away!

Favorite funky: Herringbone Scarf. How chic would this look with a nice black wool coat for a night out?

Favorite devour: Low-Carb Caramel Machiatto Tiramisu. Oh the humanity! Would you believe this epic dessert is low-carb, too?!

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Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!


Month of Holiday Giveaways

As we come to the final giveaway in the Month of Holiday Giveaways, I wanted to thank each and every person who participated this year. As they say, it’s more fun to give than to receive, and I loved reading all your excited comments about the products we gave away this year. To finish up, I thought I’d appeal to your fitness-loving side!

Whether you made a resolution to get back on track with your workouts, or you just need some encouragement to keep on keepin’ on, one reader is going to win a fitness-related prize pack, including…

1-Year Fitness Magazine Subscription

Filled with workout tips and ideas, recipes, and product reviews, this is one of my favorite magazines I receive. I especially love the tear out workout cards I can take with me anywhere!

Peekaboo Ponytail Hat

Love running outdoors in the winter, but find it hard to manage your pony AND a warm hat? Peekaboo Ponytail Hats have an opening in the back for your ponytail to slide right through! If you don’t have long hair, no worries, the opening is very discreet and doesn’t show if you’re not using it. Choose from Glacier or Birch in Misses, and Stardust and Lipsmack for Little Miss (you’ll get one of each size.)

Little Green Pouch

Originally intended as a reusable food pouch for toddlers, Little Green Pouches also make excellent water bottles for long runs or workouts. Just fill up and squeeze as you please!

Sweaty Bands

I have tried a TON of workout headbands in my day that claim to be non-slip, but guess what – they ALL slip. Not Sweaty Bands. These babies have this crazy, crushed-velvet like backing that literally do. not. slip. I wear mine all the time. Included in the prize pack are the two Sweaty Bands you see below.

Enter to win this entire fitness-themed giveaway by using the voting widget below. Click on the “+1″ button then click “Enter” by 11:59pm central time on Saturday, January 5. Good luck!

 *** PLEASE NOTE: the widget may take up to a minute to load and may not work in Internet Explorer. Winners are chosen randomly via and will be contacted directly via email. ***

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