IGE On Live TV!


Like a good man, pair of heels, sushi restaurant, can opener, volumizing shampoo,


shade of bronzer, furniture arrangement and running shoe – a good Baked Potato Soup recipe can be hard to find.

DSC_0110 DSC_0110b

‘Til now.


See, the baked potato soup recipes I’ve tried in the past have been good, but they’ve either been a bit too high on the calorie bomb scale, or congealed into mashed potatoes overnight in the fridge.


Thanks to Gina @ Skinny Taste (should I just change the name of the blog to Iowa Girl Eats Skinny Taste’s recipes and get it over with?! ;) ) I don’t have to deal with either of these problems!


Her luscious, indulgent-tasting Baked Potato Soup’s base is creamy mashed potatoes, to which steamed cauliflower is added to significantly slash some carbs and cals.


Don’t get freaked out – you can’t even taste the cauliflower! Like, at all! It’s actually blended up with the potatoes, skim milk and chicken broth, ’til silky smooth.

DSC_0438 DSC_0442

(PS I always wrap a towel around the lid of my blender whenever I’m blending hot liquids. Although it’s never happened to me, I feel like whenever the chefs on Chopped blend something straight off the stove, the liquid explodes out all over their faces, or something, maiming them for the rest of the competition.)


Look at how velvety it is!


Since the baked potato soup was lightened up by swapping cauliflower for additional potato, and using skim milk instead of heavy cream or whole milk, I took some liberties with my toppings…


Sharp cheddar cheese and bacon, bacon, bacon!


This soup was exquisite, mmkay? Rich and buttery tasting, and the sour cream totally made me feel like I was eating a loaded baked potato. So delish!


I made this a few weeks ago, and leftovers the next day were just as slurp worthy too. Nice and thick, but still soup-like.


Enjoy with a crusty piece of French bread if you can – or better yet, in a bread bowl!


In other news, tonight I am preparing to – excuse me – I just threw up in my mouth a little…cook on live television tomorrow. AHH!

The news anchor and cameraman that came to my house a couple weeks ago were filming a little intro package to play before I cook during a LIVE 2 minute segment on the KCCI Morning News tomorrow!

I don’t know how or why I got this incredible opportunity, but I am so thankful that I did. And as nervous as I am – I am also pumped! Ok and nervous. Very nervous. At least my Griddler will be there with me!

If you’re in the metro, tune in to channel 8 at 5:40 and 6:40 AM to see what we make.

Pray for no kitchen disasters, fumble fingers and a clear voice. See you on the flip side!


Would you rather cook on live tv, or give a speech in front of 500 people.

Live tv, hands down!

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