Parmesan Smashed Potatoes


From drizzly, to dazzling!

DSC_0001 was reporting a chilly 32 degrees on my iPhone as I left work, but it felt much warmer than that, so I decided to ditch the gym and head out for a run around the ‘hood.

I love the feeling of my abs instantly engaging as I tackle the hills and uneven terrain on my neighborhood loop. It feels like much more of a total body workout than staring straight forward on the treadmill. Know what I mean?

Three times around the 1.5 mile loop and I was back before I knew it. It was colder than I thought it was going to be, and my thighs were semi-frozen by the time I touched my door, but the boost of vitamin D was totally worth it! 

Showered up and cooked an…interesting…looking dinner of Steak & Parmesan Smashed Potatoes. Looks more like a meat tombstone and eggs, no? ;)


Looks aside, I need to talk to you about these parmesan smashed potatoes. My Mom makes them occasionally, and I thought I’d give them a whirl tonight. They’re SO easy, and SO GOOD.


To start with, prick some potatoes and microwave them until soft.


They can be any kind of potatoes, really, but I used these small, Yukon Golds. Aren’t they cute? :D


Next, slice up your potato like so…


then smash it lightly with a potato masher.


(your kids/husband will really like helping with that part! ;) )


You could cook your potatoes ahead of time, but they smash really easy when they’re still hot.


Next, transfer all the potatoes to a non-stick spray lined baking sheet, and top them with butter, parmesan cheese and garlic salt.


Ummm, what doesn’t taste fantastic when covered in butter, parmesan cheese & garlic salt – muwahaha!


Pop ’em under the broiler until the parmesan cheese is golden brown, then devour.


Best. Potatoes. Ever! Creamy, salty, cheesy & buttery. You’ll want a million of ’em!


Maybe you we’re wondering why I have one mushroom on my steak?


I cooked up a package of mushrooms in some yummy butter & salt for Ben to top his steak with, and it smelled SO mouth-watering that I foolishly thought I could overcome my deep rooted hatred for the funky fungus and try one!


They became more,


and more, 


and more caramelized with every passing minute. 


Just one bite couldn’t be that bad, right?!


Wrong! Ew! No! Blech! Never again! It was like chewing on eroded rubber!!!

Ahem, sorry. I’m better now. :)

The cantaloupe and steak were much better (I just typed butter…)

DSC_0050 DSC_0057

Well this girl is heading out of town tomorrow afternoon, and I’ve got about 2,002 things to cross off my to-do list before I go.

STAY TUNED for a super yummy giveaway tomorrow. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU – WHEE!!!!



Did you know potatoes are Ben’s #1 favorite food? What’s your favorite form?

a. Mashed potato

b. Tator Tots

c. Baked Potato

d. French Fries

e. Other, I’ll tell you below!

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