How To Run Longer and Faster


I semi panicked when faced with the task of picking out this week’s Trader Joe’s Night dinner. So many choices – where do I even begin? Some pre-made Lasagna caught my eye pretty early. Nah, too cheesy. Manicotti? Even Cheesier. Ooo what about that Macaroni & Cheese I tried when…

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How To Make a 13 Month Old Crack Up


Want to know how to make a 13 month old baby bust up laughing? Just say BEEF! Seriously – my 13 month old nephew thinks the word “beef” is the funniest thing he’s ever heard. It’s hysterical! My Mom, Aunt, Grandma and I babysat our little man today and, in…

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Guess what YOU did? Yes – you! YOU voted your little hearts out and won me Reader’s Choice for Project Food Blog Challenge #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muwah, muwah, muwah, muwah! I got a little medal, and everything! :D I found out when I was still at work, so I let out a…

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You CAN Roast These Veggies!


I think the heat may have affected my brain, because I thought it’d be a terrific idea to go running in the 97 degree Saharan desert that has become Iowa after work. :? It was pure insanity and I had to walk half of the last mile. :( I thought…

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I’ve Run Out of Excuses!


Good afternoon! Weekend treatin’ you well so far? :D I spent a couple hours hunkered down at ‘Bucks this morning with a Skinny No-foam Vanilla Latte, a Pink Lady Apple and my laptop! Both my personal and blog email accounts needed some serious TLC, and the coffee shop was the…

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