This Sandwich is ALL About the Ingredients


Hi! Did you make it through your first day back alright? :) I was suffering from RLS (restless leg syndrome) alllll day. I think it stemmed from having three, glorious days of wandering where/when I wanted vs being chained to a desk again! I don’t think I ever told you…

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Un-Egg Casserole


OMG, dinner tonight was ACE! (I heard an English guy say that Snickers bars “fried up ace” on the Travel Channel’s Deep Fried Paradise show, and I thought it was hysterical.) Ok, now this dinner… I’ve told you before that I danced nearly my whole life up until I went…

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Beat the Heat


Good morning everyone!! Welcome to your week – it’s going to be another scorcher! I got up early this morning so I can go to work and sit in the glorious air conditioning :) It will be ohhh-sooo-niiiice!! For breakfast this morning I had something that totally beat the heat…

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Grocery Shopping with Iowa Girl Eats


Good afternoon! Well, I’ve had a productive Sunday so far – how about you?! I got up at a leisurely hour, drank some delicious coffee and made some sugar cookies with a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try! The dough is chilling in the fridge – I like to…

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Running with Forest Ninjas


Good evening Ladies & Gents! FYI, I updated my Hal Higdon half marathon training schedule – it’s week 4 already…can you believe that?! I feel as though I just started a week ago! Per the schedule, I was to run 3.5 miles today. I’m not going to lie to you….

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