Kind of Like that College Dish…


Yay, you love Vegas as much as I do! :D

Thank you for all the suggestions on where to eat/what to see, too. Last time we were only there for 3 days so we focused on all the must-see attractions. This time we’re going to spread our wings a bit and see what we can accomplish with more time. Get our hands dirty, if you will.

I went shopping for a few trip necessities this afternoon, including this adorable navy-blue sundress (modeled by wine bottles, natch) with anchors on it. ANCHORS! Ahh, I’m such a sucker for tiny, whimsical prints! :)


I also freaked out regarding spray tanning (blending lotion! Orange knuckles! Streaky skin!) so I went the safe route and bought Jergen’s Natural Glow Firming Lotion. Gradual tan, and firmer thighs, here I come! (Something tells me not to hold my breath for that last part… ;) )


ps can we please reminisce about the Friends episode where Ross gets four, Level 2 sprays on only the front side of his body?! BAHAHAHAHA! That would totally be me…


In other news, tonight I whipped up one of my very favorite dinners that takes less than 5 minutes to cook: Tortilla Egg Scramble!


First you start with zee eggs. Now, if you don’t like eggs – which I know some of you don’t – try this recipe with crumbled tofu or ground beef instead. You’ve got to find a way to make this!


Tonight, for me, I cracked 2 eggs into a bowl and whisked them with salt, pepper, green Tabasco sauce, and a green onion.


Onions are optional, but give the eggs a great punch of flavor.


Next I scrambled my eggs. Here are my 2 tricks for perfect scrambled eggs:

1. Pre-heat a skillet on medium heat, then spray it with non-stick spray.

2. Pour in the eggs and move them constantly with a spatula until they are just barely cooked. When I overcook my eggs, they get watery. Which is disgusting.


Not these though! Perfectly soft set in 2 minutes.


Next I sprinkled on cheddar cheese, took the skillet off the burner and popped a lid on top so the heat left in the pan would melt the cheddah.


While the cheese was melting, I heated 1/4 cup red enchilada sauce in a saucepan,


then gently tossed a serving of tortilla chips in it.


Assembled and topped with homemade salsa (made with petite diced canned tomatoes, which I like better than fresh) and diced avocado!


FYI – I know "they" are always telling you to scoop out avocado halves with a spoon. I think that’s messy and unnecessarily dirties a spoon. Peeling an avocado is incredibly easy and mess-free! Just…peel! You’ll love it.


Anyways, like I said, you’ve got to make this dish if you haven’t already. It’s one of Ben and I’s faaaavorites and is seriously done before you even know what to do with yourself.


The best part is how the chips get kind of soft from the warm enchilada sauce. 


It reminds me of how the tortilla chips in the nachos my friends and I would get from the gas station, walking home from "The Hill" circa 2am in college, would get really soft when we doused them in nacho cheese sauce, put the lid on the container and shook them all up so every centimeter of tortilla chip was 100% covered in disgusting, nacho-cheese gloop.


omg… I think I prefer this version! ;)


Tonight I am playing desperate housewife – doing the laundry, vacuuming the house, etc – then I am going to bed at 8pm. I am so tired today! Late nights + early mornings x exercise = sleeeeepy me. :)

Have a good night!


How many hours of sleep do you require a night?

I need at least 7 hours to be functional, but no longer than 8.5. If I sleep too little I get a raging headache and am uber crabby. If I sleep too long, I feel like a zombie and am sluggish all day. Ben, on the other hand, can go on 4 hours of sleep and be just fine. I’ll never understand it!

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