An Open Letter + Indecent Vegetables!


Dear Rain: That’s enough, I think. You’ve had your fun, but the constant downpours in the morning are wreaking havoc on my breakfast pictures, and the unbearable humidity is wreaking havoc on my running capabilities, leaving me breathless and uber sweaty. Please find another state to annoy. Best, IGE Ok,…

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A Sweet Farewell to Blue Bunny + Free Ice Cream Giveaway!


My prayers have been answered – a morning without rain! :D   It was cool and there was a very “summer camp” vibe in the air as my Mom and I walked around our standard path in the wee hours of the morning. We hadn’t been out since the big…

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The Great Smoothie Debate


Good glorious Monday morning to you! I kicked my week off with a lovely morning Mom walk, followed by an invigorating 3 mile run! It’s supposed to rain off and on today, and I wanted to make sure I got some cardio in, so after saying goodbye to my Mom…

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?


I guess I spoke too soon (or perhaps jinxed myself?!) as my morning Mom walk was foiled by rain today! To be honest with you, it was pretty awesome being able to sleep in an extra 30 minutes to the sound of the rain though. There are few things in…

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An Unlikely Partnership: Breast Cancer Research and…Fried Chicken?


Meet my new best friends. I’ve always known that I’m slightly anemic – that is, my iron levels are lower than average, causing me, among other things, to be constantly tired, cold and prone to sickness. I noticed the past couple of months that my symptoms had gotten worse. I…

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