911, What’s Your Emergency?


I had to call 911 today. It was SO sad.

I was on my way to Starbucks to get some blog work done after a grueling “I’m almost 28 but my Dad has done my taxes every year until now and I have no idea where to start – HELP ME!!!” morning meeting with H&R Block, and was second in line behind another car waiting to turn left into the parking lot. We got a green arrow so the car in front of me pulled out into the intersection.

I saw the whole thing happen.

A car coming the opposite direction blew through their red light and smashed into the car turning left in front of me going nearly 60 mph. It was AWFUL. One of the cars spun in a 360, while the other flew over a curb, nearly smashing into a light pole. Car parts were flying everywhere.

I put my car into park, turned my hazards on and sprinted over. A couple of people were already tending to the man driving the car that hit the woman in front of me, so I ran to help her.

She was crying and said she hurt, but hadn’t called 911 yet, so I pulled out my phone to dial. Of all the times to have a new freaking phone!!! I haven’t had to manually dial a number on my iPhone yet, and my hands were shaking terribly from the shock of witnessing the whole thing, so it was nearly impossible to actually get the numbers up and press “send”! GAH! Somehow I managed, and fire & emergency response was on the scene mere minutes later.

THANK GOD nobody was seriously injured and after my mind started to clear I realized that if that car had come through FOUR SECONDS LATER it would have been me and my tiny Ford Focus getting smashed into. I thanked my lucky stars over and over and over, and over and over and over that I was second in line (and that nobody was hurt!)

What a great reminder to always drive defensively. Green doesn’t automatically mean GO without being aware of other vehicles around you. I could clearly see the car barreling towards the woman in front of me, but she, unfortunately, didn’t.

This was also a great reminder to not text and drive. I’ll admit – I do it way too often. I don’t think the guy who caused the accident was texting (he was at least 80 years old and my heart broke for him) but still – it causes stuff like this all the time.

Whshhhhooooooo… BE SAFE PEOPLE!!!!! You know I couldn’t take it if anything happened to you! :)

I finally did make it into Starbys, and Ben came to meet me. He had the day off after 10am, so he came to soothe my frazzled nerves and listen to my tale. He got me a steamed milk with vanilla syrup to calm me down.


Have you ever had one of these? We called them “steamers” at the coffee shop I used to work at in high school. There’s nothing more comforting than warmed, sweet milk, and it tastes just like melted ice cream. :) Ok, so it sounds semi-gross when you put it that way, but seriously – they’re amazing.

After I unleashed and calmed down a bit, Ben got on his way, while I stayed and locked myself in email jail. NO MOVING UNTIL ALL WERE ANSWERED!!! It took me two hours (social media distracted me for a good chunk of that time, per usual) but I DID IT!

Hopped home to make lunch – a Two Cheese Vegetable Frittata! :D


Salty parmesan cheese and tangy goat cheese are baked up with steamed veggies and hearty eggs. It was just the thing for this Spring-like afternoon. Filling, yet light.


I’m publishing the recipe on another blog I write for, so I’ll post the recipe here when it goes live there!


This evening Ben and I are meeting my parents out for happy hour. This week’s warm temps are affecting my brain, and I’ve been dreaming about patios and cold, crisp beers ALL week. Time to make it a reality!



Will you take the “no text while driving” pledge? If so, type after me:

“I, ________, will not text while driving!

I, Kristin, will not text while driving!

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