If At First You Succeed…Don’t Try Again


After what has felt like an entire month of drizzle and dreary skies – it was a picture-perfect day today!


I had to take a quick drive in the country for work this afternoon, and was so struck by the scenery that I felt compelled to stop and take a few snapshots.


The Midwest is so photogenic, I think. No coast – FTW! ;)


And now, time for another round of Name. That. CLOUD! Whaddya’ see?


If you said a snorting horse/The NeverEnding Story dog – then I’m totally with ya’! :D


Sorry – the sun makes me delirious(ly happy.) 8)

In other news, I learned an important lesson while cooking dinner tonight. If at first you succeed…don’t try again.

I know, that sounds a little backwards, but tonight I tried to recreate a meal that had been such a success the first time I made it a few months ago, that Ben replied with a “wa-wa-WAHOO!” when he asked via email today what we were having for dinner. That’s serious, people.

Yes, tonight I tried to remake my beloved Gnudi, and failed. Failed hard. The once tender pucks of cheesy, pillowy goodness that had graced my plate the first time around were replaced by…


THIS. Gnud’oh!


I don’t know what happened! I made the Gnudi, or naked ravioli, the same way as last time, by combining ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, eggs, chopped spinach and seasoning.

004 010

Then I formed the dough into balls, pressing down lightly to create a puck-like shape.


After a quick dredge in flour,

047 049

I plopped them into gently boiling water, and waited for the magic to happen.


The magic did not happen. The opposite happened. They completely fell apart!


With a disgusted sigh, I went back to the uncooked gnudi I still had left, flattened them even more, then lightly coated the patties in flour.


I had an idea.


I’d sauté the gnudi on a flat top skillet then let them gently simmer in bubbling marinara sauce until they too were tender and pillowy!


Mmmm, yeah that didn’t quite work out either. My little patties were still falling apart even after my seemingly fool-proof second cooking technique attempt. They just weren’t the same – not even by a long shot.


I should have known better than to mess with such a good thing!


I mean I guess they were ok.


Alright they were more than ok, as the parmesan cheese in the dough kind of crisped up on the outside of the gnudi as it sizzled on the flat top skillet. It’s just that I was really craving the texture of a proper gnudi. You know?


Alas, you can’t win ‘em all. Goodbye Gnudi! ‘Til we never meet again! I’ll always look back on our first special time together with fondess! ;)



***EDITED TO ADD: I FORGOT THE FLOUR IN THE DOUGH!!! Thanks to reader girliefriend for pointing that out. Viva Gnudi!***

In other news, I have to tell you about my very favorite flats. :)


These Steve Madden flats are pretty much the most comfortable shoes on the planet. They’re from a perpetual collection, so I can always find them at DSW for $39.95/pair, and I wear them, mmmm, pretty much every day.


They seem to go with everything – jeans, shorts, casual dresses – and are tough as nails. I can’t tell you how wet & muddy they’ve gotten this Spring/early Summer season, but with a quick wipe of a damp cloth they always look good as new. I have the same pair in black and between the two, I doubt I’ll ever wear heels again. Huzzah! :D


I just had to share – a gal can’t keep good shoes like these all to herself!


Off to enjoy the sunshine. Have a great night! 8)


Tell me about your very favorite pair of shoes!

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