Just Crazy Enough to Work


No rest for the weary! Wanting to make sure I could enjoy my Christmas break as much as possible, I did all the dirty work around the house today, so I’ll be as free as a bird for the next four days! The laundry is done, folded, and every. single….

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Grandmother’s Healthified Cornbread


Grandmother’s Healthified Cornbread has a secret ingredient that makes it super moist. The perfect side to a hearty bowl of chili. I’m suffering from two-day later syndrome today! Last night’s company Christmas party seemed like a late-in-the-week-type activity, which has left me feeling like it’s Friday today…all day. Thankfully the…

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Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa


Mini Hamburger Sliders with Feta & Artichoke Salsa are sassy and zesty. Love these 4 bite burgers! Happy Monday! How was your day back after the long, holiday weekend? I became engrossed in a copying/packet making project early in the day that made the afternoon absolutely FLY by. Holler! Another…

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Post-Holiday Prescription for Getting Back on Track!


Dr. IGE is in the building and I’m sharing my 3-step prescription for getting back on track after over-indulging on Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and pie – oh my! Step 1: Drink Plenty of Water. I’ve glugged about 5 of these babies today and feel so much better after eating a…

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Thanksgiving Fail


Ben is en fuego! Check out my view as I opened the garage door this evening! A newly organized, spick-and-span garage, complete with a leaning tower of Piza garden planters! HAAAaaa! I don’t know why, but seeing this tower of planters, chicken wire and other…stuff?…almost reaching the ceiling, made me…

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