Ben’s Favorite Meal


What a difference a week makes! I had to stop by my parent’s house after work today (to borrow gravy, natch) and couldn’t help but notice the change in scenery from just 1 week ago: Then: Now!   Then: Now! My parent’s street (the one I grew up on) reminds…

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Calories Can Be Burned, Buttery Vacation Food is Forever


Good morning! Thought I’d take a break from re-capping to catch up with you all! :) I’m feeling a wee bit zipped up this morning, as I drank my a.m. coffee on an empty stomach, while getting ready, instead of with breakfast. Muwahaha! It’s no Italian cappuccino with thick, frothy…

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My Best Vacation Ever: Turkey & Thailand


Enjoy guest posts from IGE readers describing their best vacations ever while I’m away on mine! Check out my Italy travel page which I’ll be updating with links to videos, pictures & posts throughout my trip! Turkey Name, Blog: Leigh Profit, Baltimore Row House Who, what, where, when and why:…

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I May Have Gone Overboard…


Whoops. I got the jeans I was after this afternoon… and so much more! It’s true – the shopping Gods were on my side today and I came home with all you see here for truly, not that much dinero! There were a TON of BOGO offers, so I took advantage….

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I’ve Been Juiced!


Friends! Remember when I told you about the photo shoot I was a part of a couple weeks ago? Well it was for the cover of Juice – a weekly “lifestyle” type newspaper for 24-35 year olds in my area!! Check out homegirl: They interviewed and photographed me for their…

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