Boredom Busting Tips for the Gym


Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m happy to report that I slept like a rock – nay, a boulder – last night! I woke up in the exact same position that I went to sleep in. Don’t you love that? :) As a result, I feel 110% better than I did yesterday…

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I’ll Take It Dry…Thank You Very Much


Good morning BB! It was raining this morning so no Mom walk, but it was an excellent excuse for burrowing under the covers for an extra 30 minutes. Usually I’m a big advocate of taking advantage of “found time” – but sometimes I’m a bigger advocate for staying in a…

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Easiest Crock Pot Recipe Ever


If the 1000 Awesome Things blog doesn’t have “Walking into your house after a long day of work, to the smell of dinner bubbling away in the crock pot” – well, it really should. Today, the smell of the easiest crock pot recipe known to man greeted me at my…

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The King Has Arrived


Goooood Monday morning to you all! Hope your weekend was faaaantastic!  Did-ya’ do anything crazy? First things first – some housekeeping:  I heard commenting wasn’t working for some people, but I think it’s fixed! If you continue to have problems, shoot me an email @ I also got messages…

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Feeding the Need


It’s Friday – wheeeeeeeee! I, for one, could not be any happier at this point. I feel like I’ve been on the go for the past month, so I am excited to take it eeeeeasy this weekend! Our original plans were to paint the exterior of our house, but those…

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