25 Minute, 2.7 Mile Treadmill Workout



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  1. Carrie 10.23.2012

    Just want to say that I absolutely love your treadmill routines – it’s a rarity that I find treadmill routines that are fun and challenging.

  2. Tricia 01.25.2013

    i am trying the 2.7 one today. Wish me luck!

  3. fiona 01.31.2013

    SO! I’m picking up running………..again and I do run outside. Can you motivate me toget out when its dark at 5:30?? I wake up raring to go,and say, ahhhhhhhhh tomorrow. I’m plumping out (for me that’s 20 lbs ) and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brittany 05.13.2013

    Trying this tonight!! :D

  5. Rachel Williams 07.15.2013

    Definitely trying this!!!

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