30 Minute, 3.05 Mile Treadmill Workout


30 Minute, 3.05 Mile Treadmill Workout


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  1. Cortney 12.05.2012

    I absolutely love your workouts! I live in Wyoming, where it is freezing cold about 8 months out of the year, and I really do not enjoy running outside in weather that makes your nose hair stick together, so I’m indoors on the treadmill 90% of the time. Anyway, I love having your workouts to follow because they give me something to mix in with my regular routine, and I have noticed an increase in my endurance by changing up the pace a bit more. I’ve been using them for the past three or four weeks (when I discovered your awesome blog!) and I just wanted to say thank you! :D

  2. Sara 02.22.2013

    I’ve just recently added running to my workout routine (running and I have a long and difficult relationship), and have used this routine a few times for a tempo/long interval workout. I modified it a bit today to add some intensity, and figured I’d pass it on in case anyone was interested. After the first set, instead of coming back to 6.5 for the next set, I came back to 6.6 (with the next intervals at 6.8 and 7.0), then back down to 6.7 for the third set (following intervals at 6.9 and 7.1), then down to 6.8 for the fourth set (followed by a 2 minute interval at 7.0, and an all out sprint for the last minute at 9-10). It was a great workout and added some distance and intensity to the routine. I’d recommend it for anyone wanting to push the limits a bit :-)

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