More than cleaning out the cobwebs and scrubbing the base boards, spring always feels like a new beginning to me. A time to assess what’s going on in my life, and identify areas where I can make some improvements, or just do little things to make sure the season gets started on the right foot. In case you feel the same way, here are 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life!

1. Organize your finances

Spring is the perfect time to organize and refresh your finances. If you haven’t nailed down a budgeting system that works for you, it’s time.


Pink Piggy Bank

2. Declutter your home

Don’t get me wrong, getting the house squeaky-clean each spring feels great, but decluttering it feels even better. Try going room-by-room over the next couple of weeks, and getting rid of the items that you no longer need, are broken, and/or haven’t been used in years.

Be honest with yourself too. How many unmatched socks does one really need to effectively dust one’s home? Is the busted printer that’s been sitting in the garage for 3 years going to spontaneously fix itself? Will you ever wear those tiny tank tops you used to wear in college again? Three, no, and hell no.

Single Coat Hanger On Rail

3. Donate your unused stuff

Take all the stuff you identified as no longer necessary for survival during decluttering, and donate it if you can. Giving to organizations like Goodwill not only feels great, but it also does a lot of good. Don’t forget to keep a receipt of everything you donate to deduct come tax time next year.

4. Get a haircut

Make an appointment for a haircut or trim. Getting rid of split and dead ends, or sporting a new ‘do, is always a great way to kickoff the new season.

Woman swinging hair.

5. Clean out your makeup bag

Clean out your makeup bag and trash any old or broken cosmetics. Here’s a great chart for how long cosmetics are good for but, when in doubt – throw it out!


6. Disinfect your work space

Scrubbing your home in the spring is essential, but don’t forget about your workspace. Many people spend more time sitting at their desk than at home (raises hand,) so be sure to give your work area a thorough cleaning sometime soon.

Business woman working

7. Assess your workout gear

Assess your stash of spring and summer workout gear and decide if you need to purchase any new pieces for the upcoming warmer weather. Stock up on low-cost essentials like socks and sports bras, and toss or donate old tops and bottoms.

Woman stretching

8. Clean out your inbox

Go through your inbox email-by-email and delete and/or categorize anything that doesn’t need to be in there. Unsubscribe from daily/weekly newsletters/communications you no longer wish to receive.

9. Volunteer your time

Nothing feels better than selflessly volunteering your time for no other reason than to help others. Get spring off on the right foot by gathering some friends or family members and volunteering somewhere!

Hand holding something

10. Eat better now

There’s never a better time to start eating better than now. RIGHT NOW! No waiting ’til tomorrow, the weekend, or next month – start incorporating healthy, fresh foods into your diet, and stop unhealthy eating habits today.


How do you “Spring Clean Your Life” every year?