Don’t you love how certain smells conjure up certain memories? For me, the smell of coconut always takes me back to white sand beaches, crashing waves, suntan lotion and palm trees (I even keep a bottle of coconut lotion at my desk for a quick mood booster!) :D In search of an extra pick me up, I added some toasted coconut to my morning oatmeal – it was AWESOME. A perfect tropical addition that definitely reminded me of being on vacation!








Last night I saved half of my Amana steak so I could make my favorite salad in the world for lunch – grilled steak & dried cranberry salad!! I serve this with Kraft Tuscan House Dressing + few drops of sesame oil + splash of soy sauce – mmmmm, delish! I also packed an AE Key Lime Pie yogurt. AE Dairy is a local dairy here in Iowa – they make the best stuff. Their cottage cheese tastes like ice cream!!




 Why I do the grocery shopping


Last night, Ben decided that nothing we had in the house was worthy of his snack attack, so he headed out in search of a treat. He returned with a dozen doughnuts….!!! He said he could either pay $1.50 for two doughnuts, or get a dozen for $3.00, so he had to get the dozen. Man logic…I’ll never understand it! But, it’s a good thing he’s got it, because I enjoyed one and it was fabulous!




In other fabulous news, a package that I’ve have been waiting for finally came in last night and I get to pick it up this afternoon! Guaranteed to be way more exciting for me than you, but still, I’m pumped!


The smell of toasted coconut reminds me of vacation – what smells remind you of your favorite things?