Well my beautiful, spring morning turned into a crummy, cold afternoon, so my outdoor grilling plans moved indoors!

First, the workout. I had to run some errands after work today and if I don’t make it to the gym early, there are never any machines left. So, taking that into account, and in honor of tonight’s Biggest Loser episode, I popped in my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. Jillian is…a maniac. But if loving a maniac is wrong, I don’t want to be right!! I totally jive with Jillian’s tough love mentality – it completely motivates me to work hard. If you’ve never tried 30 Day Shred – you’ve got to! This DVD is KILLER. There’s three levels, and since I’ve had it (got it for Christmas) I’ve never made it past level one!! Ok, ok – I’ve only gone through the DVD about a dozen times, but seriously, it never gets easier!! It won’t take the place of running, but if you need a quick, 20 minute workout alternative – this is a great one!

Now – indoor grilling. One thing Iowa has that some of the rest of the country doesn’t – is quality meat! I’m not a HUGE meat eater, but the Iowan in me can never turn down a good piece of steak. I was very pleased to find a sale this week at my grocery store on 8oz Amana quality sirloin steak filets – what a treat! J 

I seasoned our steaks with some grill seasoning and popped them onto my flat top griddle – I seriously use this all the time, its awesome – for about 4 minutes per side and then let them hang out in a 450 degree oven for a couple minutes to firm up. Not too long though – I like my steaks rare! 

To accompany, I sautéed up some zucchini with vegetable seasoning, cooked up some couscous with onion and garlic (no onion for Ben) in chicken broth, and in about 15 minutes, we were ready to dine!


This meal was awesome. As I’ve said, recipes and meals don’t have to be complicated to be delicious. Tonight was proof of that. Fresh, quality ingredients always do the trick!


Off to watch the Biggest Loser. Who do you think will win? I’m rooting for Tara. Whatever if you don’t like her personality – there is no denying that the girl is a MACHINE! She deserves to win! What do you think about the show? I think it’s totally inspiring. Especially if I feel like I “just can’t” go to the gym. I always tell myself, if a 350 pound, 65 year old contestant on the BL can workout – well, I certainly can too!