Awww!! I have the best husband ever!! Ben got up before me to run some errands, but set an alarm on my phone before he left and told me to go to the kitchen when it went off. At 9:30 my phone buzzed, I headed to the kitchen, and in the oven I found these! Pull-apart sticky buns, all for me – what a guy! They were just delicious, and were perfect with an ice cold glass of milk :)



Yesterday’s potluck at work was awesome. I had a sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles, pico de gallo chips, a square of cheesecake and a strawberry margarita! After work a bunch of us headed out to Happy Hour at a great bar downtown – El Bait Shop. This bar is one of my favorites – they’ve got 107 beers on tap and over 100 bottled beers – wowza! I got a customized flight of the following beers:

  1. Anchor Steam: from a small San Francisco brewery, that I just love. I first tasted this on Ben and I’s recent trip to San Fran. It certainly took me back!
  2. Lindeman’s Framboise: probably my favorite beer in the world. It’s like they blended up fresh raspberries and called it a beer. SO refreshing.
  3. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat: hints of cherry, would absolutely order it again.
  4. Rogue Hazelnut Brown: Rogue is Ben’s favorite beer so I got this so he could have a taste, and I wanted to taste the Hazelnut too. A little dark for my liking, but still really good.
  5. RRBC Vanilla Cream: mmmMMM tasted like cream soda!
  6. Olde Main Dinkey Orange: The only way I can describe this is an orangey, perfume beer. Really different, it was like drinking perfume, but in a good way!

El Bait Shop has pre-set flights that you could order, or you could pick six beers to make your own personalized flight, which I thought was really, really cool.

Well today I’ve got to get my clean on, but I might lounge in my Slanket for a little while longer ;) Tonight = celebration dinner at my favorite restaurant in town!!! Can’t wait! Have a great day!