Well, the celebratory dinner was for…Ben and my first wedding anniversary – wahoo!! (About Iowa Girl was semi-misleading, whoops!) I seriously cannot believe that we’ve been married for an entire year. It has absolutely flown by and has been the best year of my life by far. :) It’s so much fun being married to your best friend and someone that makes you happy every single day.




So back to dinner – we went to Miyabi 9, an AMAZING sushi restaurant here in town. Ok, maybe some of you are thinking, sushi + Iowa? I know, I know…one doesn’t often associate fresh, raw fish with a land locked state smack dab in the middle of the country. But honestly, of all the sushi I’ve ever had, in any part of the world – this is the best, freshest sushi I’ve ever tasted.


The restuarant was started by a Miyabi “Mike” Yamamoto, who has run restaurants in Osaka, Los Angeles and New England.  Miyabi is even certified to prepare fugu – puffer fish – which as of 2006, there were only 17 licensed fugu chefs in the US. Nobody knows where he gets his fish because it’s so fresh and we’re in Iowa – it’s a complete mystery. I don’t care where he gets it though, I just want to eat it – all the time!




This is Ben and I’s go-to restaurant and last time we sat at the sushi bar watching Miyabi whip up order after order – it was so cool. Last night we sat in the main dining part, which only has about 10 tables (!) and is really cute. I got the regular sushi platter which came with a bowl of miso soup, a small salad with a cold, oh-so-refreshing ginger dressing, a California roll, 2 pieces of salmon nigiri (my favorite food ever) 2 pieces of tuna nigiri, a piece of yellow tail nigiri and a piece of shrimp nigiri. Oh.My.Gosh. They seriously serve you like a 3oz slice of fish for each piece and they were caught-that-day fresh. So smooth, buttery and melt in your mouth. I was in heaven. The sushi chef also surprised me with a generous dallop of wasabi sauce under each piece of fish – it was great though!! I hate hot food, but Wasabi is a different kind of hot – it doesn’t linger in your mouth, and it doesn’t mask the taste of what you’re eating. Perfect! 







Ben got an order of tuna nigiri (his favorite), a Caterpillar roll (eel, cucumber, and avocado, drizzled with eel barbeque sauce) and a Cascoe Bay Roll – a tuna roll dipped in tempura batter and fried. Now…leave it to my husband to pick the only deep fried roll on the menu. Sushi is supposed to be light, fresh and clean – this roll was battered and fried! However…I reluctantly tasted this, aaaaaand it was insanely good. The tempura and rice because chewy almost, and it was seriously delicious. Maybe it was my inner junk food junkie talking, but oh wow, it was great. I had three pieces :)






We fought the sushi…and we won:




We came home and capped our evening off with some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups – my favorite chocolate treat :) All in all, an AWESOME end to an awesome day. Here’s to many more happy years!




Do you like to eat sushi? If so, what kinds are your favorite? I would eat salmon all day long, everyday if I could…LOVE it!!