Saturday: Ben and I made His & Hers breakfasts, then the man whipped out his cooking skills for a romantic dinner for two!
Sunday: I showed you what a typical grocery shopping trip yields and ran farther than I have in a long time.
Monday: I finally cooled off with a sweet and almond butter-y smoothie and showed you how to cut a mango.
Tuesday: A fresh thyme and vegetable frittata stole the show and my obsession for chipotle rice reached new heights!
Wednesday: Homemade Fro-Yo made an appearance and we all shared what our states are known for.
Thursday: My little ducklings made an appearance at Three Question Thursday and we get through exercise slumps together.
Friday: It’s a fruit extravaganza!!

Of course, not to be out-done by last week’s hilarious dog photo…I present to you:

Sparky, the dog who refuses to lose.

and because I just couldn’t help myself:

Thirsty puppy:

Have a great afternoon!