Howdy friends!

Quick status update:

  • AC: still broken
  • Heat index: 100+
  • Temperature inside the house: 83 degrees
  • Getting a hold of an air conditioning repair company: impossible

Seriously? Where are they and why aren’t any of them answering my calls?! eeeeeeeek, I’m meeeelllting…

Anywhoo – I stopped by my parents house after work today because I needed to borrow an onion. While there, I raided the cupboards – natch – (doesn’t everyone raid their parents cupboards when they go home??) and snacked on some Cheetos that I found. Because let’s be real, they’re the cheeeesiest and everyone needs some Cheetos every once in awhile!


While I was crunching away, I opened up the freezer to see if there were any popsicles…and look what I found:


That’s cheese. Containers upon containers of frozen cheese…and look at the bottom shelf – that’s sliced cheese!!! It’s only my Mom and Dad in the house now – so why, I have to ask, do two people need so much cheese?? The answer is that my Mom has an addiction to buying food in bulk and then storing it away like this. It’s a sickness, really. Oh well, nachos will always be in abundance at their house – which isn’t such a raw deal, now is it?

I came home, onion in tow, and made some Whole Wheat Pasta with Tomato Vegetable Sauce for dinner!


This was so incredibly easy, guys! I put some water on the stove for my whole wheat pasta and while that was heating up I combined:

  • 1 large can crushed tomatoes
  • ~1 T olive oil
  • 3 cloves chopped garlic
  • 1 small onion, grated right into the sauce
  • 1 small zucchini, grated right into the sauce
  • S&P

in a small sauce pan. Seriously – if you have a husband, wife, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., that doesn’t like veggies – grate them into pasta sauces. You cannot taste them, but they totally bump up the girthyness (yeah) and texture of the sauce – it’s awesome!

So I let the sauce bubble away while I boiled my pasta and in 7 minutes, exactly, I was ready to plate!



See those little zucchini shreds in there? Mmmm!


I love whole wheat pasta too – the texture is so much more hearty than white pasta – don’t you think?


A little hot for the current temperature – but satisfying nonetheless :)


I cooled off with – yep, you guessed it – more watermelon…muwahahahaha!


By the way, it’s so hot that Ben has resorted to wearing his wisdom teeth removal recovery “jaw bra" filled with ice to cool down…what are we going to do?!


Here he is cleaning the dishes like a good husband would :) I literally could not stop laughing…OH MY GOSH too funny!!!


Alrighty – I’m off to go sit and think about how I’m going to survive the weekend as it’s looking like an AC repair job is not in the cards before next week!

Take it easy friends!

Oh, ps! Central Iowa Channel 13 News watchers – I saw John Bachman today!! He was walking into Gateway Market and is SO thin! Who knew?

pps: A kid who works for a college painting crew just came to the door and asked if there were any adults home :( So sad – it’s true, I look like I’m 16…