Saturday:   I took along bike ride through some quintessentially Iowa trails.
Sunday:   My Mom and I had some fantastic eats and saw my favorite musical, Mama Mia!
Monday:   Almond biscotti made its oatmeal topper debut.
Tuesday:   We discussed working out when you wake up and your exercise motivation tips were revealed!
Wednesday:   I made my first Green Monster, shared an easy recipe for Soy Glazed Spiced Almonds & had Margarita Pizza Flats for dinner!
Thursday:   We find out if you’d take “exercise in a pill” and Ben improvises in the heat.
Friday:   Spending my morning off in a swanky car dealership!

Friday’s funny dog picture: Duck Pecked Pup…this is an homage to Ben, who’s favorite dog breed in the entire world is Bulldogs! Look at this guy – he’s just too tired to move!!