Hi guys! How was your day? Mine absolutely flew by – per usual this week!

Hey, remember those genius foil packet dinners my sister-in-law had ready for us on Mother’s Day? We re-created tonight to make Chicken, Vegetable & Potato Grill Packets!


Packet mix-ins included:

  • Sliced potatoes
  • Cubed chicken breasts
  • Green beans
  • Mushrooms (for Ben!!)
  • Water chestnuts
  • Mini corns – which were more like full corn on the cob – Holy cow they were huge!


First I took a sheet of heavy-duty foil and sprayed it with non-stick spray. Next I layered on the potatoes, chicken, mini corn, water chestnuts and green beans. My “sauce” was some light Italian dressing, a couple little pats of butter and some Veggie Grill seasonings – yummm!!!!



I topped it all off with ~4 small ice cubs and sealed my packet up tight – no steam saw the sweet light of day from this packet!!



I also made a packet of just potatoes with some butter and Lowry’s Seasoning Salt.


Ben wanted to show you his masterpiece too :) His looks better than mine!



We put the packets on the grill set at medium-low for about 10 minutes, then rotated them 180 degrees and let them grill for another 10 minutes. Remove the packets from the grill, carefully open and packets are up!


Oh my gosh – SO great! So flavorful, so easy and so delish! The sauce thickens a little bit as the packet cools off…just amazing. This would also be really good over some chewy, brown rice.



The potatoes were so crunchy and satisfying…but what carby, buttery, salty dish isn’t??


The BEST part?? No cleanup! Only forks to put in the dishwasher – wheee!!! The SECOND best part? You could make this anyway YOU want! Make it sea-worthy by using shrimp or salmon – make it vegetarian by adding some broccoli and asparagus – make it for the carnivore in you by using filet mignon. The customized possibilities are endless, people!

I also cut up a few kiwi for us. Keeeweee…



Time to clean my house – I have guests coming over tomorrow!!

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What would you put in your foil packet dinner??