Goooood evening everyone – one more work and/or school day left – are you so excited?!?! Any great plans for the weekend? There is a ton of stuff going on around here that I’m jazzed about…I’ll keep you up-to-date over the next couple of days!

Ok – one thing about working out when you wake up is that is makes you friggin’ HUNGRY! I practically leapt out of the Dentist’s chair when my exam was over (no cavities!) to race down to my car and eat my breakfast. I gobbled everything down before I even made it to work! When 12:00 came I dove into my salad too – which was super flavorful, btw!

By mid-afternoon I had a craving for a soda, so Ben and I went to a nearby gas station to pick up a few. While we were there, I got some Strawberry Mambas. Remember those? Oh my gosh, I used to get these ALL THE TIME when I was growing up! They are so tasty! What was your favorite candy when you were little?

When I got home from work – I was STILL hungry, so I snacked on a Blueberry PURE bar! I know – two in one day = kind of nutso, but when you look at the nutritionals and the fact that it’s all natural – well, I don’t feel that bad!


This flavor was awesome – with chunks of real, dried blueberries and nuts! One thing I’ve found with PURE bars is that they have an almost buttery, luxurious taste that is really unique – and REALLY delicious!


For dinner I made one of my go-to’s –  Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke Salsa.



I made the artichoke salsa last night (which took about 1.5 minutes), then just sautéed some chicken breasts sprayed with non-stick spray and sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning on my flat top skillet. While the chicken was cooking, I tossed some fresh asparagus with garlic powder and olive oil, and put them under the broiler for ~8 minutes – stirring half way through.


When everything was cooked, I put some baby spinach on a plate, topped with the asparagus, chicken, artichoke salsa and some freshly chopped tomatoes – and dinner was ready!


I absolutely love the tangy artichokes and capers in this salsa – it goes perfectly with the lemon pepper seasoning.



Plus – look at all the delicious veggies you’re getting with this dish: spinach, asparagus & tomatoes!


I’m trying to make Ben take me out for ice cream this evening – but alas, he is glued to the NBA draft, dang! I may have to take a solo trip…!

p.s. my abs are so sore from my hilly run this morning…I like that!










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Question: Do you prefer to use recipes, or make up meals off the top of your head? If you like recipes, what are your go-to cookbooks and websites to get recipes from?