Hello everybody!

Thanks for all your nice comments regarding Juice! I just really couldn’t be more excited. If you live in my area and can’t find a copy – well, it’s because my Mom swiped them all. Woman got about a million copies!!

So, for dinner tonight I was feeling something quick, something easy and something delicious. Enter Foil Packet Dinners! :D


I went vegetarian for tonight’s foil packet because I’ve had some sort of meat for dinner every night this week, and sometimes sista needs a break – know what I mean?

I started by slicing up some baby, red potatoes:


Then, onto a sheet of foil sprayed with non-stick spray, I placed:

  • ~2 sliced potatoes
  • 2 big handfuls frozen, stir-fry mix (peppers, carrots & mushrooms removed – bleh!)
  • drizzle of olive-oil based Italian salad dressing


A couple of carrots snuck their way in…I was ticked. For the record – I LOVE carrots, I just can’t eat cooked carrots. The smell makes me think of over-cooked pot roast…shuddering…


Here’s Ben’s which is a little more colorful. He’s got the entire mixture of stir-fry veggies and some cut-up turkey breast (it’s under there, I promise :) )


After everything was laid out and sealed up, I placed our packets on the grill set to medium heat, for 10 minutes. Then I rotated them 180 degrees and cooked  for 10 more minutes. Finally, we dined!


Is amazes me that this simple meal is so incredibly flavorful. The Italian dressing reduced a little while the packet was cooking, so the flavors were super intense.



Oh, I also gave the whole packet a dash of Grill Mates brand veggie grill seasoning after I opened it up, because I forgot to add it in before I cooked them…oops!


This stir-fry mix is faaaaabulous, by the way. I got a bag the size of a small vehicle for $7 at Costco!!


I also made packets of regular potatoes + small pats of butter + Lowry’s seasoning salt and cooked those for the same amount of time.


Ahhh…crispy, salty perfection my friends!


Ok seriously – packet dinners are totally legit. I really wish I had another one right about now, actually! AND, bonus – no clean up! None. Well, I had to wash the knife I used to cut up the potatoes and turkey – but that’s it! You’ve got to try these – SOON!!!

On tap for dessert– Reeses Pieces :D My Mother & Father-in-law gave me a bag of them as part of my birthday gift (they know me so well :) ) aaaaaand I can’t stop eating them…eep!


Aight – I’m off to PACK! This girl is hittin’ the road tomorrow!


Would you rather drive or fly to a vacation destination?

Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for the announcement of the BLURT Board Game Giveaway winners!