Wow – can I just take a minute to wildly sing the praises of lentils?! Not only did my Black Beluga Lentil + Veggie Toss lunch taste incredible, those lentils! I seriously didn’t have even a twinge of hunger all afternoon. It wasn’t an uncomfortable, “ugh, I ate too much” full either – this was a satiated, satisfied full. You guys should really try adding lentils to a dish – you can find them in the bulk bin section of your grocery store, or in the dried, bagged bean section!

Alright, enough unsolicited lentil pushing :)

For dinner tonight I made an easy, yet satisfying dinner that was ready in a jiffy – a Roasted Turkey, Spinach, Avocado & Pepper Jack Cheese Wrap!


I took a Flat Out wrap, layered on a slice of spicy pepper jack cheese, a handful of spinach, a couple slices of avocado and some shaved, roasted turkey breast. I rolled everything up and placed the wrap in a skillet on the stove top.



After the first side was toasted, I flipped and repeated on the other side. A few minutes later I had a melty, toasty, spicy and satisfying dinner!


This wrap was heavenly! I always have the mindset that wraps and sandwiches are semi-boring – but they don’t have to be! Adding special toppers like avocado or guacamole, banana peppers, sliced apples, cranberry sauce or pesto, can really jazz a plain sandwich up!


FYI – pepper jack cheese is my favorite sandwich cheese. I don’t LOVE spicy food, but the combo of the subtle heat + creamy cheese in this blend is dy-no-mite! Yum!

IMG_4621 IMG_4622

I served my wrap with a side of blueberries – which were $1.28 for a HUGE container at the grocery store! I am so glad too, because I seriously put a whole cup of blueberries in each of my sangria glasses this weekend and I have been craving more of them ever since!



Now unfortunately, as I predicted this morning, the five mile run I had planned on tackling after work got pushed aside for grocery shopping…rats. All is not lost though. After checking off my to-do list this evening, I am hitting the pavement. On that to-do list:

  • Vacuum house
  • Organize office
  • Water tomato plants
  • Clean bathroom
  • Return emails
  • Clean up house litter

I have these little “litter” piles of cards, bills, magazines, junk mail, etc. that are on my counter and kitchen table. I HATE clutter of any kind, so I’m anxious to file this stuff away! I better get crackin’!! Have a super evening everyone!


Do you like cheese? What’s your favorite kind?

Call me lame, but I could eat about 26 of those little baby-bell cheese discs. They are so good! I also love warm brie, gouda & laughing cow light cheese wedges. I am NOT a fan of stinky and/or blue cheese. I won’t go into detail in case you like them…but I just…can’t…ew.