The good:

1. I got off of work at noon today! I had a “free” Friday at work that I had to use before the end of August, so I randomly decided to use it today!

2. I came home to find a package in my mailbox:


It was a Barney Butter t-shirt – wahoo!



The back says “A Nut Butter Like No Other”…love it!


3. DINNER. I quasi copied the sandwich from my post earlier today and made an Open Faced Peach & Ricotta English Muffin Sandwich. Oh Lord…so good…


Check out this creamy ricotta cheese – sweetened ever so slightly with a pinch of sugar.


Toasted English muffin, melty ricotta, sweet peach – contender for best sandwich ever!


IMG_7863 IMG_7864


I dipped my extra peach slices in more ricotta, natch :)


Ok…you knew it was coming…

The bad:

1. I spent the better part of my free afternoon troubleshooting blog problems…and didn’t get ANYTHING fixed :( Any feedburner gurus out there??

There is seriously nothing more frustrating than technology problems. NOTHING. They make me feel so helpless, know what I mean?


The zucchini bread:

This bread is dangerous…


I basically ate ehhhh 1/4 of this loaf throughout the day!! Seriously – this is the best zucchini bread that has ever touched my lips. There’s something almost gingery/molassesy about it – but not in a weird way. In an incredibly moist and delicious way, actually! I’m considering throwing it in the freezer so I don’t polish off another 1/4 this evening…eeeeeek.

Tonight’s plans consist of laundry (washing my sheets – the most dreaded laundry task of all!), watching The Soup and hitting the hay semi-early…I’ve got morning plans. Until then, friends!


FYI, John Krasinsky (Jim from The Office) is engaged :( Wah, I love him!!!