Well, I’m a wee bit exhausted this morning :( I woke up at 3:30 with a wicked allergy attack – sneezing, wheezing – the whole 9 yards. I didn’t get back to sleep until 5:30ish and before I knew it, I HAD to get up for work! Oh, life…

I popped some mad Benadryl + allergy medication and am definitely feeling better, I just hope that I don’t pass out at my desk today!!

I needed something rejuvenating for breakfast after my less than stellar night, and knew the best thing would be a tall, cold, Green Monster!


I used one of my handy dandy banana packets I made this weekend, and I was enjoying my GM in minutes :)


For lunch today, I packed some Chicken Chili.


Chili is definitely better the second day, and even BETTER the third day! This shall be a great little lunch :)


IMG_8018 IMG_8019

Oh, I didn’t share last night because I was too hungry to wait for it to finish baking – but I made corn bread – chili’s perfect sidekick :) This was the first time I’ve used this Krusteaz mix – big fan…BIG fan.

IMG_8012 IMG_8032

This cornbread was super soft, sweet, moist and perfectly “corny” if you will. Heavenly


For 26 years of my life I’ve eaten the King of Cornbread mixes – Jiffy – but I just found out this year that it has partially hydrogenated lard in the mix. RATS. I’m not saying I’ll never it again – because let’s be honest, it’s $.50 and delicious – but when given the option, I’ll obviously go for the healthier choice.


Oh, I forgot to say THANK YOU to all the generous souls who offered to ship me almond butter in light of my unfortunate seal debacle. THANK YOU!

Enjoy your day buddies!


How many hours of sleep do you need each night, in order to function properly?