All hail the Homemade Burrito Bowl! I feel so much better – a remarkable difference from yesterday morning. I’m still having some breathing issues, but physically I feel a lot better!

Seeing as how I didn’t move much at all yesterday, I didn’t really have an appetite this morning. So I made a light, yet tasty breakfast of a Flying PURE Bar!


That’s a sliced Braeburn Apple – because someone ate my last Pink Lady apple! It’s coo, Braeburns make me happy too :)


On top is my favorite PURE Bar – CranBerry Orange. Well my favorite, non-chocolate PURE Bar. :)


For lunch, I channeled Monday’s Sweet Soy Glazed Turkey Breast and combined it all into salad form!


We’ve got:

  • Spinach
  • Corn
  • CousCous
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Sweet Soy Glazed Turkey

IMG_8844 IMG_8846

IMG_8845 IMG_8847

This is very reminiscent of Thanksgiving, don’t you think?

I also packed a new flavor and brand of yogurt: Blue Bunny Raspberry Acai Berry. In case you wanted to know, Blue Bunny products are made in Le Mars, Iowa – which is the Ice Cream Capital of the World. More ice cream is made in Le Mars than anywhere else in the world! Booo yah!

I only buy BB ice cream, so here’s hoping their yogo is deece too. Anyone ever had an actual Acai Berry?

IMG_8848 IMG_8850

So I was reading the Vitamin G blog last night and came across a post titled “5 Germy Habits You Should Probably Try to Break.” Seeing how I was sick (not flu or cold sick, but still…) and we’re getting ready for flu & cold season – I wanted to share this disgusting, yet important list! Per Vitamin G:


1. Not washing your hands after you pee. Have you ever heard the line that “urine is sterile” so there’s no need to wash up. Um, sorry, you need to wash your hands. Sterile urine aside, there’s still the business of wiping, flushing, and touching door handles–all of which could lead to cross contamination that can make you sick.

2. Eating food samples at grocery stores. For the same reason you wouldn’t lick a stranger’s hand, it’s best not to dive into the freebie bowl of chips at the supermarket. Ask yourself: “Would I open up a bag of chips and share it, communally, with 50 people on the street right now?” Probably not.

3. Coughing into your hand. Maybe it’s just me, but everywhere I’m looking these days people are coughing into their hands–instead of the inside of their elbow. If you tend to do this, try to retrain yourself to cover your cough with your arm and not your hands–it’s polite and it also helps protect others with weaker immune systems from catching any bug you’ve got.

4. Rubbing your eyes–ever. After a fairly icky eye infection years ago, a doctor told me this: Think of your eyes as sacred and untouchable, and retrain yourself not to touch them with your fingers (no rubbing or messing with your eye makeup until you’ve washed them first). The second you touch a dirty hand to your eye, you’re introducing all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses, which can lead to annoying and even serious infections.

5. Letting your dog lick your hands then not washing them. Guys, I’m a dog lover, but when my golden retriever licks my hands, I go wash them. Yes, it gets tedious to do this (because she’s always giving me kisses), but it needs to be done. I will remind you that dogs and cats get into unsavory things (I’ll just be blunt: mine likes cat poop).


People – I hope you’re following these guidelines already – ESPECIALLY the eating food samples at grocery stores. We’re not talking about the Costco samples handed out by the nice, old ladies in gloves – we’re talking bowl of chips & a dip jar, encased by a plastic bubble. Just walk away…JUST WALK AWAY!!

I’m a total face-toucher too, which I need to break the habit of!

With that – I hope you have a fabulous, germ-free Hump Day!


Are you a germ phobe?

I totally am – washing doorknobs, counters and refrigerator door handles is my crack…