Good evening everyone! How’d your Monday go? Mine went as quick as the snap of a whip and my eyes literally crossed at one point because I had been staring at my computer for HOURS. Gross…I need to get up more often! :D

I came home and made the quickest & easiest dinner that I had planned for the week: Grilled Steak, Mashed Sweet Potatoes & a Sliced Apple.


I seasoned our steaks with Weber Veggie Grill Seasoning (I know, ironic.) I do love these grill blends though – I haven’t tried a flavor that I haven’t absolutely loved, actually!


Alert the press, I actually shared this Honeycrisp apple with Ben tonight! You may recall that I was having some anxiety about running through “my fair share” of Honeycrisps…thankfully, I’ve matured in the last week!


I love how these apples have that pink hue that bleeds through the skin of the apple into the flesh, kind of like a plum. So pretty :)


My sweet potater was just the best – I mashed up one cooked sweet potato with ~2 tsp brown sugar, some cinnamon & a splash of skim milk.


It couldn’t have been easier and it couldn’t have been more special. Sometimes kicking up ordinary foods – like mashed potatoes – with a little something extra, a little “oopmh” if you will, makes it that much better!


I’m holding off on having dessert for as long as possible tonight because I know as soon as I have it I’m going to want more. It’s PUMPKIN Ice Cream!


Mmmkay, busted. I clearly couldn’t resist a taste before dinner…it is AWESOME! Very spicy, love it, can’t wait to have my dessert dish full of pumpkiny goodness.


Tonight’s agenda includes prepping for a slow cooker dinner tomorrow (yes!) sorting through some bills & mail (no!) and watching Gossip Girl (mmmmmhmmm!!)

Have a great night everyone!


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream is the Oreo flavor from an ice cream shop in Minneapolis called Sebastian Joes. I used to live across the street from it…danger. My second favorite is Blue Bunny Sweet & Salty Cluster ice cream. Can’t.get.enough!!