Good evenin’!

Well I got that house cleaning in – mopped the floors, sprayed down the kitchen and vacuumed the whole house. You know, super exciting stuff, really. ;) I can’t bring myself to put the vacuum away yet though. I’m feeling too lazy to bring it down the stairs and wrap up the cord!


As I was cleaning, I found my stash of seasonal wreaths & floral arrangements that I had forgotten all about! I put up my fall, front door wreath – it’s a little late in the season, but better late than never! Do you like to decorate your house for the seasons?


I made this last year out of a basic wooden wreath shell, and a bunch of little berries, accessories and…do-dads? I guess I don’t know what you call all of these things on here! :)


I adore this wreath – it makes me smile to see it when I pull in the driveway everyday. :)


Dinner tonight was a pizza that we picked up at the grocery store this morning – The Dish Famous Stuffed Pizza!


The Dish is actually a restaurant in Kansas City and the owner happened to be at the grocery store this morning, handing out samples of his frozen pizza line!


He gave us a slice of the Spinach Deep Dish to try, and after the first bite we knew we had to purchase a whole pie.


After a quick baking sesh in the oven, pizza was up!


Wow. WOW! I’ve never had frozen pizza that tasted so fresh – I honestly felt like I could have been right in The Dish’s pizza shop!


The thing about deep-dish pizzas is that they’re usually grease bombs. Literally, I think most restaurants pour 1/2 cup of oil into the bottom of the deep dish pan before putting the crust in. Not The Dish pizza though – it was incredibly light, flaky and not greasy at all!


Look at that ooey-gooey fresh mozzarella cheese!!


I love supporting small businesses – especially when I get to meet the people behind the product, and see that they’re doing whatever it takes to be successful.


If you can find The Dish frozen pizzas in your area – I highly recommend you pick one up! The ingredient list is short, the price is right and the yum factor is high!

Well I’m currently watching Laguna Beach on tv – one of our local stations started syndicating it and I really could not be more excited! My roommates and I used to be obsessed with this show in college. We’d gather every week to watch and wonder why we were never that cool in high school?!

Until tomorrow!


What kind of pizza do you like?

I’m partial to a good hand-tossed crust with light sauce, fresh mozzarella, sauerkraut & black olives – YUM!