Welcome to the Midwest-pole. :D


I left work a little early today because the rapidly falling snow was causing slick roads, building traffic and cars to spin out of of control. 8O

DSC_0047 DSC_0043 

Thankfully, I made it home in one piece and worked away from the comfort of my kitchen table. I could get used to this!



I’m glad I came home when I did, as it started coming down HARD around 4:00. Us Iowans have our sights set on tomorrow night – which is when this is all supposed to come to a halt! Until then we’ve got -10 degree wind chills, 8-12 more inches of snow, blasting winds, and…


Candy Cane Kisses! Oh my Heavens – WHY have I not had these before?! My brother gave me a small stash of these today and the are so.good.


I don’t even typically like mint-chocolate combos (except for Thin Mints, Thin Mint Ice Cream Cake and homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, obviously) but these were down right spectacular!


Each white chocolate kiss had little bits of peppermint studded throughout the candy…life altering I’m telling you!

DSC_0026 DSC_0015

I made sure not to spoil my appetite, though, because tonight I made some easy & tasty Spaghetti for dinner. Meals don’t have to be complicated to be special and delicious!

This was spaghetti you can feel good about eating too. I used Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Rotini for my noodles.


This pasta combines a wheat-blend with fiber and flaxseed. Hey, if I’m going to be eating pasta, I might as well have some added nutrients.


Rotini, or “corkscrews” as I used to call them, was my favorite pasta shape when I was growing up!


The spaghetti sauce was a healthy choice too. Locally made, Gino’s Marinara Sauce. Dang – Ben and I should have gone to Gino’s restaurant after our Italian dinner fail this weekend! Next time…


Anyways, I adore this sauce because it’s got 8 ingredients and no preservatives. Other commercial sauces can have have tons of added ingredients like corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup and vegetable oil. Ick, no thanks!


Tip: If you have a jar lid that won’t come off, bang the handle of a butter knife around the top. It’ll open right up!


No more than 15 minutes after I stepped foot in the kitchen – dinner was ready!


I love Gino’s marinara sauce because it’s got a little kick to it. And it just tastes so fresh and homemade…know what I mean?


The healthy harvest pasta is great, too. A little nutty like other whole-wheat pastas and it keeps a nice bite to it.


Topped with some parm – this spaghetti dinner was just what we needed for a blustery, wintery night. :)


Druuuuumroooooll please…

The Biggest Loser finale is tonight!!!! This is by far my favorite episode of the season. I just LOVE to see how far everyone has come. I actually get really proud of the contestants, like I know them or something… Who are you rooting for? My allegiance remains the same!

Last night to enter the Larabar Variety Pack Giveaway!

’til tomorrow!


What’s your favorite Chocolate + combo? Chocolate + caramel, fruit, mint, pretzels…bacon?!

I loooove me some chocolate & caramel (hello Caramello bars!) – but let’s be real – if it’s paired or covered in chocolate, I’m basically much going to love it! Exhibit A: Me at the Ghiradelli factory in San Francisco last Spring…