Bachelor, anyone? We’ve reached new levels of crazy this year! I am so amped for this season. I realize reality television is about 20% real and 80% created and manipulated by producers, but it’s 100% entertaining to me! :D

This morning I kicked things off with a simple bowl of Multigrain Cheerios & a Sliced Banana.


I love how something so simple – Cheerios & a banana – can be so satisfying. I’m always down for a big, bold meal, but there’s something to be said for the simple things in life!


Plus Cheerios remind me of childhood, which always brings a smile to my face. :)


Oh, it sounded like we were split 50/50 on soggy cereal and drinking the milk – cereal war! ;)


For lunch today, I packed another Light in Sodium meal from Amy’s. I’ll be noshing on a Mexican Casserole Bowl. 


This meal does have a bit more fat and saturated fat than I’d prefer – but the protein, fiber and sodium levels are on point.



Regardless, I am SO excited to dig in. Corn masa, black beans and cheese? Sign me up! The Brown Rice & Vegetable Bowl that I tried out last week was tasty as well. Not going to lie – it could have used more salt – but the tofu was unbelievably good. How they make frozen tofu taste that good, I’ll never know!


I need to go warm up my car for ten minutes before I leave – there were multi people at work yesterday that couldn’t get their cars started because it was so cold outside. Mine needs a wee bit of time to warm up so I she doesn’t freak out on the roads!

Have a great Tuesday!


What’s your favorite cereal? What was your favorite cereal growing up?

It’s no secret that my favorite cereal in the world is the cinnamon-sugar laden Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Seeing as it has no nutritional value – I eat it once in a blue moon as a snack, but it still holds rank as my #1 fave!

Favorite childhood cereal? Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs. Ok, they might still be a current favorite as well. ;)