Thanks for the nice words regarding this morning’s food & fitness related Q&A’s! If you have any other questions you’d like me to try and answer, my inbox is always open. ;)

Well, as some of you pointed out last night – I have been on a Tex-Mex/Mexican KICK this week! Between enchiladas, Chili Verde, Tex Mex Turkey Casserole and Mexican Tofu & Rice Slow Cooker Soup – I have almost Tex-Mex’d myself into oblivion! Keyword: almost. ;)

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DSC_00294[1] IMG_6490[1]

Tonight I kicked up a Tex-Mex/bar food favorite and made BBQ Bean & Tofu Nachos!


I know, I know. Beans + tofu = nachos? Trust me, it totally works! It tastes just like BBQ chicken nachos…just minus the chicken and plus the tofu. :D


All I did was bake some cubed, extra-firm tofu mixed with some BBQ sauce, at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.



Drop a spoonful of vegetarian baked beans into some baked tortilla chip cups, top with a couple tofu cubes and sprinkle the whole thing with cheese.





Pop under the broiler until they’re golden brown.




I looove, love, love BBQ, and these were a super fun twist on your standard BBQ chicken nacho. The tofu texture totally kicked chicken’s butt!


You could top these with chopped tomatoes, green or red onion, bacon (ooo THAT would have been good!), avocado, olives – the WORKS! I just wanted mine plain though – with an occasional dab of extra BBQ sauce. :)


Gosh, is there anything better than popable “bar food”? MmM!

My Mom and I are babysitting Finn tonight – can’t wait to see the little bugger and squish him like the little peach that he is!


What’s are your favorite “bar foods”?

I could never turn down a french fry or onion rings sliced SUPER thin!