Whoopie for so many things today – and it’s not even 1:00 yet!

Whoopie for arriving at the gym by 7:30am to get in a kick butt workout!

Time   Activity
0:00-30:00   Elliptical @ level 4
0:00-30:00   Free weight arm exercises with 2 mins of jump roping between each circuit
0:00-5:00   Treadmill @ 4 mph
5:00-55:00   Treadmill: 4 minutes @ 6.0 mph, 1 minute @ 7.0 mph
55:00-60:00   Treadmill @ 4 mph

Two fabulous hours of pure sweat and gym time. It flew by and at the end, I couldn’t believe that I had been there for that long. I don’t think I’ve ever spent two hours at the gym in my life! It was definitely needed though. I had an extremely “snacky” week last week, and this just felt good. Also, FYI, jump roping is a killer calf workout. Mine were burning by the end of each 2 minute segment! 8O

Whoopie for dusting and organizing the whole house after the gym. You know the little piles of “things” that start to accumulate over time on the edge of the kitchen counter? They drive me bonkers, and now, they’re all gone. :)

Whoopie for cleaning out my closet and being able to donate three giant bags of clothes to Goodwill! Don’t worry, one whole bag is filled with just turtlenecks. I went through a turtleneck “phase” a few years back – rocking one almost every day of the week. Or it least I had the stash to – I am seriously giving away, like, 15 turtlenecks! Why?!


Whoopie for the most amazing post-gym snack: Chobani Greek Pineapple Yogurt Bowl.


This was my first time trying the pineapple Chobani flavor and it ROCKED my tastebuds off. So sweet and creamy. Loved it!


And 18grams of protein…!!


Topped with a chopped kiwi, chia seeds and Grape Nuts.


Chia seeds have the exact same texture as kiwi seeds and no flavor that I can detect. Now I’m just waiting for them to “do their magic”. ;) Totally rockin’ bowl of goodness right herrrr.




You had to see this one coming. ;) I got all my chores done and whipped up a batch of these puppies just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The batter was super thick – almost thicker than a typical chocolate chip cookie batter – and, like those Chocolate Chewies, extremely delicious. I could barely contain myself! :D 


I scooped the batter onto cookie sheets using my cookie scooper, so each Whoopie Pie would have the same sized top and bottom.


Like ruby red gemstones. Beautiful!


Baked for a mere 7 minutes, the cookies were perfectly puffed and soft.



The filling for the Whoopie Pies was made from butter, cream cheese and Marshmallow fluff. Oh yeah! I piped mine onto the cookies using a ziplock bag with the corner sniped off.

DSC_0015 DSC_0016

Look how beautiful!


Of course I had one! They are just as moist, creamy and sweet as you would imagine.


And SO gorgeous! I could stare at these perfect, popable, mini treats all day. 


The recipe for these Red Velvet Whoopie Pies can be found here. It’s not too late to whip these up yourself! :D


Whoopie for celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight. Ben and I are off to catch a movie and dinner. Can’t wait! :D

Whoopie for heading back into the kitchen. I’m starving!

Hope your Saturday is going swell!


What are you saying “whoopie” to today?