I’ve had Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it Like It’s Hot” in my head all morning. What in the world…? Don’t you hate when you get random songs stuck in your head? Yesterday it was the $5 foot long song from Subway. Oy vey!

At any rate, after dinner last night, Ben and I zipped on over to Coldstone for dessert! What else would I be craving in the dead of winter? ;)


The craving actually came yesterday afternoon after I read an article about America’s Most Sugar Packed Foods. Coldstone’s JELL-O Butterscotch Pudding Ice Cream was profiled as the #3 worst offender. 8O The article didn’t have the intended effect though, because it totally gave me a hankering for it!


I skipped the sugar laden butterscotch variety though, and got the Sinless Sweat Cream ice cream with a brownie mix in.


Sinless it may have been, tasteless it was not! Sweet cream ice cream has got a very pure, unique taste and Coldstone has got some of the best brownies ever. Chewy and SO chocolatey. I always choose one as my mix-in. Remember?


Ben actually changed his mind once we got there and chose a hot latte from Starbys – in their pretty Valentine’s Day cups!


Heart over a headless heart. No faces allowed in this picture. What a diva! ;)


Pssht. I’ll take my ice cream, thank you very much! What would you choose?


Can we talk about how many teenagers there were at the mall on a Monday night? Granted, it was only 6:15pm, but I don’t remember hanging out at the mall on school nights. Maybe I’m just an cranky old woman now… Anyways, it was a nice little treat and retreat to end a long, cold Monday! :D

This morning’s breakfast got started last night – Overnight Oats. :)


I actually get a lot of questions about overnight oats, so I thought I’d break it down for ya’.

Step 1: Pour a fat-free yogurt into a bowl.


Step 2: Add uncooked old fashioned oats (I usually add 1/4 to 1/3 cup).


Step 3: Sprinkle on chia seeds. (totally optional!)


Step 4: Stir!


Step 5: Top with a sliced banana and almonds.



Step 6: Stash in the fridge overnight.


Step 7: Chow in the morning! :)


Seriously, you will never be as happy as when you have overnight oats waiting for you to devour in the morning. The oats gets super chewy and fluffy overnight and the whole combination with the creamy banana and crunchy almonds is just fantastic. No better way to start the day! :D


I love this picture…I don’t know why?! One little bowl of oats in a big world of snow. :)


I am so jazzed for lunch today – leftover Coconut Chicken Chili and a Pink Lady Apple.


I cannot tell you how delish this chili is. Uniquely flavored and very exotic. And don’t be afraid of the coconut milk – I’d never used it before last night. Basically it’s just really tasty “water” – you can’t screw it up, promise!


Ooo, I was going to tell you – this would be super good topped with some chopped peanuts on top!


This shall make a fabulous 2pm snack. :)


Yipes, you guys, I forgot to announce the winner of the iHerb.com $50 Shopping Spree Giveaway last night! Without further ado, the winner is:


Marisa (Loser for Life): I would try Amazing Grass! Been dying to!


Congrats – you will have SO much fun picking out your goodies! Shoot me an email at IowaGirlEats@hotmail.com for details! For everyone else – domestic ground shipping for orders over $40 is FREE – wheee! I highly suggest!

Hopefully today zips by – I’ve got an awesome dinner planned for tonight. Very timely and suggestive of our Spring Break trip, which I fill you in on tonight. Any guesses?!

Have a great Tuesday!


What do you mix in with your ice cream, or top your sundaes with?

I went through a big Nerds Blizzard phase in high school, but now I’m all about the chocolate. The more, the better!