I love the Internet.

As I was eating my lovely salad this afternoon, I kept getting slapped in the face by large, rogue pieces of lettuce. Which wouldn’t be too bad – but they were covered in dressing, you know? I couldn’t help but wish that the pre-washed & bagged lettuce I use for my salads was cut just a little bit smaller. Then I remembered a restaurant I ate at a couple times when I lived in Minneapolis – Salad Creations.


At Salad Creations you pick your lettuce and toppings from a huge buffet line, and then your “salad artist” puts it all into a giant bowl and attacks it with this pizza cutter looking thing. The result is a salad that has been chopped up into perfectly small, non-face whipping bites. It’s so cool!

Anyways, the pizza cutter/salad chopper thingamabob is what I was most interested in. It’s exactly what I need! I adore the convenience of pre-washed & bagged lettuce, but the pieces are generally enormous. If I had a salad chopper, I could run it through my salads as I was making them and the pieces would be cut to just the right size, without me having to tear everything up by hand (the horror!)

Not knowing what the salad chopper was actually called, I simply Googled “salad chopper” and, what do you know, the gadget I had been thinking about in my head came right up!


Wheee! Sometimes I feel like the Internet can read my mind, and for that, I am grateful. ;) Apparently they sell these salad choppers at Bed, Bath & Beyond, so I’m totally picking one up the next time I go!

In more good news, I found $50 after lunch! No, not really, but whenever I tell a lame story, I always throw that line in there to spice it up a bit… Yipes.

At any rate, dinner tonight was EPIC!

A few weeks ago, Whit featured something on her blog that had me drooooooling in mere seconds. What could have caused such a reaction? Her Mom’s Stewed Blueberries and Blueberry Pancakes! I had to have them!


Stewed blueberries are such a cinch to make, a nice change from regular syrup and can even be made ahead of time, which is what I did! All I had to do tonight was add a dash of water to the mixture and heat in the microwave for a minute. Good as new.



I drizzled my stewed blueberries over some Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. I followed this recipe except I halved it, added a squeeze of agave nectar, and only used 1 Tablespoon of butter in the batter. INDESCRIBABLE!!!


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that these were the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Yep, it’s true. And they were so easy to make!


Fun fact: I suck at flipping pancakes. Like, I’m really, really bad at it. These pancakes were really easy to flip though, which makes me think that 1/2 the battle in successfully flipping a pancake comes down to having good batter?!



Let’s just say that it is… ;)



The result was a thick, decadent and perfectly fluffy pancake. The.Best.


And those stewed blueberries took them into another galaxy. Thick, rich and summer sweet. SO YUMMY!


I seriously can’t get over how delish this whole thing was. Thanks Whit + Whit’s Mom! ;)

In a wonderful blueberry coma, I am heading over to babysit my beautiful nephew Finn, and then hit up church. My bro is preaching tonight! :D

PS: Day 2 of the 40 Day Movement Challenge included 30 minutes on the elliptical during lunch. Whee!

Have great night everyone!


Pancakes, waffles or French toast?