Hi everybody – I am home with a migraine today! The air pressure and rain totally messes with my allergies and today it resulted in a massive headache, unfortunately! :(

I wanted to announce the winner of the Nasoya Tofu Press/Swanson Vitamin Giveaway though! 

The winners of a handy dandy Nasoya Tofu Press + Coupons:

katie: Would love the press! I am a tofu gal!

Jenny: I tweeted! (original message: I read every single entry to your blog- I enjoy it so much, even though I’ve been a pretty intense rigid vegetarian for several years. and I would LOVE a tofu press. Thanks for everything you do)


The winner of the Swanson Vitamin package:

Natalie (The Sweets Life): vitamin giveaway please!! i love the things you picked out!

Congrats ladies! Email me your mailing info at IowaGirlEats@hotmail.com and we’ll get those packages right out to you. :)

Oh, I did want to mention to all those who said they were hesitant to try tofu that, having a tofu press is fun/handy but, you DON’T need to have one to enjoy the many amazing dishes you can create with it. I have prepared firm and extra firm tofu many times before I had a press, with fabulous results. Pressing is NOT mandatory! :D

Ok, off to lie in a dark place…