Good morning everyone!

Thankfully, I feel much better today! After taking some medicine and sleeping most of the day yesterday, I woke up around 4:00 feeling 99% better. Love what a little sleep and super powered Tylenol can do for a gal. ;)

Oh, I didn’t get to show you yesterday, but I finished the cookie order I was working on this week!


These rubber sugar cookie duckies are heading for a baby shower this weekend.  I love making baby shower cookies – they’re so cute!


Obviously, the Mom had a little boy. :)


Hope they like ’em!

DSC_0012 DSC_0017

Laying around the house all day can certainly make one feel like a loaf, so I got up early this morning to get my started with a bang, and dug into this loaf: EarthGrains Wheat Berry with Honey


The company sent it to me to try so I used it to make Almond Butter & Jelly Toast for breakfast.


Now, both Ben and I just love EarthGrains’ Thin Buns, so I was really excited to try this bread. Like it’s thinner, bunnier cousin – it was just as soft, doughy and delish. Plus it had little wheatberries (the entire wheat kernel minus the hull) studding each slice. Chewy!


This particular bread is made with Eco-Grain wheat, which is found in EarthGrains’ 100% Natural bread line. Eco-Grain wheat is “environmentally friendly” in that it’s grown by farmers who only use fertilizer on the parts of their fields that really need it. This, in turn, helps the environment by reducing the amount of fertilizer being applied to wheat fields. Nice!


Extra nice when it’s slathered in luscious almond butter and raspberry jam. ;)


Well I’m happy to report that the 40 Day/20 Minute Movement Challenge was not broke yesterday. Around 7pm I joined Jillian to shred for 20 minutes. That’s 3 days in a row that we’ve done our dance – time for some good, old fashioned cardio! I had hoped to run outside today, but it’s supposed to be rainy, windy and cold all day. Aka, I’m probably gym bound…

Ooooo I’m also shopping for new running shoes today – so jazzed! You do not want to know how many miles have been put on my current ones. It would traumatize you. 8O

Have a great day everyone!


How often do you get new running/exercise shoes?