We’re back!

As much as I said I didn’t want to come home just yet, there is something to be said for laying your head down in your own bed and sleeping under your own roof. :)

We got in around 8:00, immediately unpacked (the best present you can give yourself after returning from vacation is unpacking right away – it’s bliss!) and hit the hay. 12 hours later I awoke refreshed and feeling like a new woman!

Then I went to work on stuffing my face with as many fruits and vegetables as possible. :mrgreen:


I don’t want to say that going on vacation is a "free pass" to eat whatever the heck you want. But, for us, it kind of is! Especially when you’re in New Orleans for Heaven’s sake!


We didn’t eat junk just to eat junk, but we definitely did not shy away from southern favorites like crawfish po’ boys, beignets and red beans and rice. Half the fun of going somewhere new is experiencing the food of the region!


I started every morning with a banana, and ordered a side salad when possible, but for the most part, we ate "local". As a result, now that we’re home, I have never wanted fruits and vegetables more in my life. COME TO ME!


This little platter using whatever we had in the fridge did the breakfast trick, and I’m about to head to the grocery store to stock up. Can’t. Wait.


Full vacation re-caps to start coming tonight – I’m excited to re-live our days in NOLA! Until then, it’s laundry, grocery shopping and mentally preparing to head back to work! ;)

See you!