You guys – I don’t think I’ve been warm once in the past five days!! Is anyone else feeling the chill? It’s cold outside, at work, in my house…Spring – I need yoouuuuuuu!!!

I suppose starting my day off with a chilly breakfast doesn’t help, however, I am powerless to resist the call of Oats in a ‘Loupe! :D


It’s true – I was so crazy over yesterday’s breakfast, that I used the other half of my cantaloupe for today’s. :)

Let me break it down for you! Start with one half of a cantaloupe that’s been seeded. I kind of make a cone out of the middle to make sure there’s enough room for all the filling. 


Mix up your overnight oats: 1/4 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 Tablespoon chia seeds, 1 AE Fat-Free Raspberry Yogurt and 1/2 smashed banana.


Top with the other half of your banana, and you’re good as gold.


I’m telling you – this is it! Several of you commented that you’d like to try it with honeydew melon – I think that’d be great! HD melon happens to make my throat itch, so I’ll be sticking to cantaloupe!


Creamy and chewy from the yogurt and oats, tropical and sweet from the banana and cantaloupe. I foresee this breakfast making an appearance quite often this summer. Plus, I absolutely hate cutting up cantaloupe so this is a really great way for me to still enjoy it!


So I have to tell you guys – last night I tried YOGA! Yes, it’s true, pigs were flying everywhere. ;) I think I’ve tried yoga twice in my life. The first time left me completely bored, the second time I think I quit out of frustration because I am literally the most inflexible human on the planet.

Last night, wanting to supplement my run and perhaps having a change of heart, I headed to

TopYogaLogo has everything from meditation/relaxation yoga classes to prenatal yoga classes, all available to download right to your computer. You can pay for sessions 30 minutes and up, but there are a ZILLION 20 minute classes that you can download for FREE! I chose the Yoga for Weight Loss – Beginner track, which was free, 20 minutes long and came with a pdf which clearly explained each pose in the class.


Maybe my head wasn’t in the right place the last two times I tried yoga, because I sincerely loved this. Truly, truly loved it! The accompanying pose guide was so easy to follow and the teacher clearly explained how your body positioning should be, etc. I placed my laptop next to me and followed right along. I got lost a couple times, but it’s easy to get back on track.


The best part? I’m sore today. Really sore! My biceps and shoulders were worked and I’m even feeling it in my love handles?!

Anyways, I’ll admit that I’ve been very skeptic about yoga in the past. Thinking it wouldn’t get my heart pumping, not sure how challenging it would be, etc. Let me tell you – my 20 minute beginner session was BOTH! I’m excited to try out more classes!! Do you practice yoga? What kinds of benefits have you seen? The other thing I liked was that the class ended with a series of relaxation poses. Very soothing – I could have fallen asleep!

Ok – enough yogi talk! This afternoon the girls at work and I are going out to lunch at a restaurant called Proof. I’ve never been and am having a hard time deciding between the Vegetable Falafel, Moroccan Chicken or Salmon/Risotto…


What would you choose?!

With that – I’m out! Have a FAB FRIDAY!! :D