The bond between girl and cinnamon-sugar is strong.


So strong, in fact, that it will cause said girl to leave her home at 6:50am to get a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven, Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from her local Panera.


That girl is me. It’s true. I have been lusting after a warm, chewy, sweet and satisfying cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera for days. Today, I FINALLY gave in and it was spectacular!


Pillowy and chewy, with pockets of cinnamon sugar throughout the dough. Let’s not forget about the cinnamon-sugar crunch on top. It’s the best part!


I slowly chewed each bite to make it last. Ok, let’s be real, I hoovered down the bottom half, got sad that there was only the top half left – then savored that. ;)


Lunch wasn’t nearly exciting, but still thirst quenching and delish. I had to return a sweater at a store near my home – this sweater:

(it got a hole after washing it once, and they took it back without the tags, boo yah!) so I stopped and made myself a thick, cold Green Monster at home. Same ingredients per usual!

After work I set out for a run on the same path my Mom and I walk on in the mornings. The entire route is lined with crab apple trees in all different colors – fuschia, pink and white – and I wanted to see them in the daylight before all the blooms flutter away. Gorgeous! Definitely made my brutal run a little more tolerable. That route is super hilly…although for every uphill there is a downhill, so I suppose I can’t complain too much! ;)

I got right to work on dinner when I got home, so it could cook itself while I was in the shower! Baked Sesame-Soy Tofu, Brown Rice & Sautéed Spinach!


I’m fairly certain that 12 year old me would slap present day me if I tried to serve her this – but I promise you, it was eye-closingly delicious!


I started by preheating my oven to 400 degrees and mixing up the marinade for my tofu. Soy sauce, agave nectar (you could use honey), sesame oil, garlic powder and onion powder. I put it in a tupperware container with a tight fitting lid and SHOOK!




Then I added it to a ziplock back with a block of pressed, extra-firm, cubed tofu and tumbled the bag until everything was coated.


Meanwhile, I started cooking my brown rice and added a little bit of the tofu marinade to the pot to give the rice some extra flavahhhh.

The tofu went into the preheated oven for 17 minutes and came out crunchy and yummy.



To round out my meal, I quickly sautéed some green onion and chopped garlic in 1 teaspoon of EVOO, then added 2 big handfuls of spinach and cooked until the spinach had wilted, ~1 minute.

DSC_0008 DSC_0009


All together now!


Seasoned brown rice: Win.


Fresh, sauteed spinach: WIN!


Baked Sesame-Soy Tofu: WIN!!!


I just love this meal – I can’t get enough!


I need to make sauteed spinach more often, because this was just dynamite. The simple flavors of garlic and olive oil, with a hint of mild green onion, totally enhanced the fresh spinach. YUM.


And I know you know how much I love this ‘fu, so I’ll keep quiet. ;)


I could eat this every night!


In other, I KNEW I WASN’T CRAZY, news, I found an article today that says alcohol worsens allergies. For years, every time I woke up after drinking alcohol, I’ve had a stuffy nose and sneezed more than usual. Not enough to be life hindering, and not each and every time, but enough to realize that there was a correlation between drinking alcohol and my symptoms the morning after. I’ve always told people I thought I was allergic to alcohol and they told me I was nuts!

Well, according to a study featured in this article, alcohol, which contains histamine produced by yeast and bacteria during the fermentation process, can set off common symptoms of allergies and hay fever like sneezing, itching and coughing. Yes, yes, yes!

Apparently it’s worse when you drink red or white wine, and if you’re a women. Rats. But, it least I can now say “HA!” to all the doubters! Have you ever had these symptoms post alcohol drinking??

Ok, I have to go pack. I’m getting out of dodge tomorrow!

Then 30 Rock, The Office, 30 Rock. New, new and new – finally! :D


What are some of your go-to meals or ingredients?

I like baked tofu, obvi, but I also loooooove a good panini!