Go figure.

Go figure I picked the hottest day of the year thus far to make a hearty, wintery meal that used both the stove top and oven to create. Oh well…it was totally worth it to enjoy 6 Cheese Tortellini with Goat Cheese Marinara Sauce for dinner!



On this zesty, 93 degree evening, I whipped up some Schwann’s frozen Six Cheese Tortellini, from the company’s line of Live Smart products, which they sent me last week to try.


I’m not a HUGE frozen foods girl, but I will ALWAYS make an exception for cheese…and pasta…and cheese-filled pasta (and ice cream!).


To go with the cheesy pasta, I created a dynamite sauce using my #1 favorite jarred pasta sauce – locally made Gino’s Marinara Sauce – and some of the fresh chevre goat’s cheese I got at the Farmer’s Market this weekend!


There’s some insanely low number of ingredients in this sauce – like 4 – and I couldn’t make it better myself. So I don’t. I buy Gino’s!


I let it warm up on the stovetop and when it was heated through, I stirred in the creamy cheese, which added just a hint of tang and decadence.


Look at that swirlage!


Ahhh, see the steam? Ben and I were sweatin’ to the oldies tortellini tonight!


LOVING it, though! For 190 calories you get a fairly large portion of the pasta, which left me feeling pleasantly full, and extremely satisfied.


Each bite was chewy, creamy and super cheesy. I guess stuffing six types of cheese in there will do that for you. ;)


Actually, make that seven types of cheese, if you count the chevre! It really took this frozen pasta and jarred sauce dinner up a gourmet notch.


On the side I served some fresh broccoli.


Thrown into the tortellini pot when there was about 2 minutes left to cook. Perfect every time!


And I had to turn on the stove to broil up some zesty garlic bread. Just a slice of whole wheat bread, spread with a little butter, sprinkled with garlic powder, and broiled ’til brown. AMAZE!


I’d break into a sweat for this dinner any day!  (TMI?)


With that, Ben and I are off to brave the heat for a walk. I was filling up my gas tank earlier today and felt the sun singing my skin after standing there for only 30 seconds. So I guess I take that back. After some sunscreen and water, THEN we’ll be off!

NEW BACHELORETTE TONIGHT! Will you be watching??


Do you still turn on the stove and oven when it’s hot out?

I usually do everything in my power to plan meals that use the grill, or little to no heat to cook when it’s this hot out. But the tortellini called to me…and I had to answer!