It’s true. Dinner combined all three of these mouth-watering adjectives into a trifecta of deliciousness!

No, it wasn’t a grilled stuffed burrito from Taco Bell – which I ate, no joke, about 7 of on a 4 day vacation to LA once (long, traumatizing story…)


Rather, Mozzarella Stuffed Bruschetta Burgers with Balsamic Glaze!


I’ve been seriously obsessed with stuffing burgers since my run in with the Apricot Glazed Turkey Burgers Stuffed with Goat Cheese I made a few weeks ago. I reformulated my recipe, taking advantage of some gorgeous summer tomatoes, and came up with this baby!


Zee instructions (recipe to come!)

1. Combine 1lb 99% fat-free ground turkey breast with parmesan cheese and seasonings.


I like to mix with my hand in a plastic baggie. Minimizes feelings of ickiness.


2. Take a peanut butter jar lid and line it with plastic wrap.


3. Divide the turkey into 4 portions, then divide each of those portions into 2, so you have 8 mini portions. Press 1 portion into the bottom of the lid.


4. Add mozzarella cheese in a little mound in the middle.


5. Add another mini portion of turkey on top and press down to seal the sides. 


6. Invert your stuffed patty onto waxed paper.


7. Once you have all your patties made, pinch the sides firmly together so none of your delectable cheese will escape!


8. To the grill we go! 3 minutes per side (lid down during each cooking half),


trimmed asparagus grilling nearby for the same amount of time.




and top with bruschetta mixture and balsamic vinegar reduction!!! 


OMG – PARTY IN MY MOUTH AND EVERYONE’S INVITED!!!! Look at the golden brown crust the parmesan cheese gave the outside of the burger! There was an audible “crunch” when I cut it in half!


The garden-fresh bruschetta mixture was just heaven when combined with the balsamic reduction. All I did to make the reduction was pour about a cup of balsamic vinegar into a skillet over medium heat, and let it reduce until it was the consistency of thin maple syrup. Slightly sweet, bold – amazing!


But let’s talk about this ooey, goeey mozzarella cheese!!!! It was so light, mild and refreshing when paired with all the zesty flavors around it.


Who says turkey burgers have to be boring?! :mrgreen:


In other news, I am cursed. CURSED, I tell you. I have been locking my keys in my car at least once a week for the past month or so. It’s not even a recent problem though. Once, when I lived in Minneapolis, I locked my keys in my car at the same gas pump at the same gas station on the same day, two weeks in a row.

Today I went to get a Starbucks before work and I realized as soon as I shut my car door that I had locked them in there. Slow mo “noooooooooo!!!” and all. Luckily I was within walking distance from work, and Ben hadn’t left the house yet, so he came and dropped off an extra set of keys before heading in. T.G.!

What is my issue?!

On a happier note, I loved all your “favorite things” from today. I found myself saying “oh, me too!” to about 98% of them. Fuzzies!

I’m heading out to the back deck to answer emails and read! Hasta!


Are you a forgetful person? Ever lose your keys, misplace your wallet or lock yourself out of the house?

I have a pretty good long term memory, but my short term memory is shot. I have an excuse though – a skiing accident circa 1997. A snow boarder collided with me and ever since then my short term memory has been a weeeee bit fuzzy. That’s part of the reason why I love lists!!!