Who’s ready for dinner?! :mrgreen:

I made on oldie, but goodie tonight – Tortilla Egg Scramble!


This has become a quick & easy dinner favorite in la casa de IGE. Ben even let out an audible "yay!" when I told him what I was making. ;)

DSC_0006 (2)

What’s not to love? Savory enchilada sauce, gooey cheddar cheese, luscious avocado and fresh homemade salsa. SO.YUM!!!!

DSC_0002 (2)

What makes this dinner even better is the fact that it costs like $0.70 a pop. Pantry staples like tortilla chips, enchilada sauce, eggs, cheese and veggies cost mere pennies, people!


Drool-worthy, I’m tellin’ ya’. The textures and flavors are absolutely fantastic. ;)


So, last night after we landed, packed up our gear and headed back to the balloon launch site, we got to experience "Light up the Night" night at the balloon festival!


Each balloon was docked on the ground and as the sun set, they’d give their flames a quick burst every minute or so. 


The result was a spectacular show, reminiscent of extra, EXTRA, large Christmas lights!




I think I caught the bug…the hot air balloon bug… I want to ride again!!


In other news, I’ve been feeling super sluggish the past two days and I think I know why…

We’re re-arranging cubes at work but before I can move into my new one, I’ve had to temporarily relocate to a cube with a sit-down desk & chair. Only problem is that I’ve gotten used to rocking the stand-up desk and tall chair and I never realized how positively it affected my life until it was gone!

Not that I stand for 8 hours a day at my stand-up desk, but I definitely don’t sit as much as I have been the past two days, and I’ve been leaving working feeling totally sluggish. Totally blah. Totally lump-esque, if you will.

Whenever I feel sluggish, I tend to try and pull the"Ugh! I have no energy to do anything – certainly not exercise!" card. But you know what? Exercise is the most important when you feel the least like doing it.

To me, sluggish doesn’t mean tired. It means…sluggish. Right? It’s one thing to skip exercise when you’re tired, but exercise actually revives me when I’m feeling like a lump.

Knowing this, I forced myself to head out for a three miler as soon as I got home from work and you know what? I feel LOADS better. Energy levels = back. Sluggishness = banished. Here’s hoping I get into my new cube soon, so I can resume standing. Glorious, glorious standing! :D

Ok, that was a lot of words and use of the word sluggish…

I am off to find some dessert – mama needs her chocolate!



Do you work at a computer or desk all day? How often do you try and get up and walk around?